Лабораторный химический эксперимент с двухслойным покрытием Электрический подъемный стеклянный реактор химический 10 л 20 л 30 л (1600530143674)

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Product Overview


Products Description

10L 20L 30L laboratory chemical experiment two layer jacketed electric lifting glass reactor chemical

S212-200L chemical process reactor two-layer jacketed lifting glass reactor chemical 100L jacketed glass reactor is an new type product, which has combined advantages of domestic and foreign like products, which is an ideal pilot test and production equipment for modern fine chemical engineering, biological pharmacy and new material synthesis.
This model jacketed glass reactor have many advantages:
1. PTFE sealing,no leakage;
2. High quality GG-17 glass have nice corrosion resistance;
3. Mixing speed and heating temperature digital display;
4. Vertical condenser can realize both distilation and reflux;
5. Convenient bottom discharge valve;
6. Muti-model,Mutil-volume optional.
7. Explosion-proof controller and motor for optional. glass reactor 200l

This chemical process reactor two-layer jacketed lifting glass reactor chemical jacketed glass reactor series mainly contains following parts: double-layer glass reaction kettle, a set of component cover of glass reactor, condenser, constant voltage funnel, frequency conversion controller, rotate stirring and sealing system, stainless steel frame system, etc. The detailed structure picture is as below.

Chemical process reactor two-layer jacketed lifting glass reactor chemical 100L jacketed glass reactor have seiko quality, the product details is showed below picture.

Product Paramenters

Chemical process reactor two-layer jacketed lifting glass reactor chemical 100L jacketed glass reactor have different specifications and models. The following specifications and parameters are for reference. If you have special customization requirements, such as size, volume, material, special temperature requirements, etc., you can email us to tell your detailed requirements, we provide you with suitable design solutions.
Attention here:
1.Glass reaction vessle can be customized from 1L to 200L .
2.We can add PTFE or Glass filter for the jacketed glass reactor.
3.We also can manufacture double glass vessel with lifting functions.

Product name
High borosilicate GG17 Glass Double Layer Jacketed Glass Reactor
Glass material
Reaction Flask Capacity
Jacket Volume
Cover necks number
Stirring Power
Stirring Speed
0-600 rpm
Stirring Shaft Diameter
Discharge Valve
PTFE bottom discharge valve (piece)
Ex-proof motor & controller / PTFE painted frame /Glass parts customized/
PTFE filter or glass material filter / lifting function.


Related Products

In addition to single double layers glass reactors, we can also provide other supporting equipment, such as vacuum pumps, circulating water and oil baths, high and low temperature heating and cooling devices, stainless steel autoclaves, etc.

Company Profile

Our factory has more than 30 years of production experience, and has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of single and double glass reactors, stainless steel high pressure reactors, high and low temperature circulating oil baths, low temperature liquid circulating pumps, etc. We have a number of honorary certificates and patents. Our products are sold at home and abroad. At present, we have reached cooperation with many schools and enterprises.

Our Advantages

Pre-sale service
1. We recommend suitable reactors, circulation devices, water-oil baths, stirrers and related supporting products according to the needs of customers.
2. We make detailed quotations for customers, provide technical parameters, drawings, etc.
3. We can provide customers with customized product size, voltage, explosion-proof motor and frequency conversion controller, etc.

After-sales service
1. We track the production progress of the factory and deliver the goods in time.
2. We provide customers with detailed installation drawings, documents, pictures or videos.
3. If the customer has any problem during the use, we will deal with it in time and find a way to solve it.

Packaging and Shipping

Our laboratory equipment and supplies such as glass reactors, rotary evaporators, high and low temperature circulation devices, water-oil baths, stainless steel autoclaves, etc. are usually packaged in wooden boxes with bubble paper inside, and products in smaller quantities are shipped by air , such as UPS, TNT, FedEx, EMS, etc. If there is a lot of goods, we will use containers to transport them by sea.


NO.1 How to choose suitable equipment?
Please tell us your work flow and requirement, for example: capacity, temperature range, pressure, power supply, etc., we will recommend you suitable equipment according to your requirements.

NO.2 How to solve the equipment trouble during using?
Please send us email for the problem, pictures or a small video will be much better, we will find the problem and help you to solve it.

NO.3 Will you provide service beyond the warranty?
Yes, we provide lifetime service for our products, but it won't be free beyond the warranty period.

NO.4 What’s the difference between single-layer and double-layer glass reactor?
Single-layer glass reactor can directly heating or cooling, it is similar to water or oil bath, inferior in temperature control aspect; while double-layer glass reactor has interlayer between two layers, we can inject water or oil through temperature control equipment and form circulating system, in this way, no matter cooling or heating, its temperature control property is better.

If you want to know more details and quotations about 10L 20L 30L laboratory chemical experiment two layer jacketed electric lifting glass reactor chemical or supporting equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will sincerely serve you.

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