High temperature parabolic trough solar collector for industrial process heating and solar thermal power generation

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Parabolic trough solar high-temperature collector is an efficient linear focusing solar heat collector, which is mainly composed of a reflector, a high-temperature collector tube, a bracket system, a tracking system, a transmission system and a control system. It has mature technology, stable structure, and easy control and other advantages. The reflector rotates with sunlight and can directly convert solar energy into heat energy. It is widely used in solar thermal power generation, industrial energy saving, heating and cooling, seawater desalination, drying, coal-fired boiler replacement, oil extraction and other energy-saving fields.

Basic parameters
2.55 meters opening
5.77 meters opening
Overall dimensions (mm)
6460 × 2550 × 2165
13100 × 5770 × 4870
Heat collection area (㎡)
Focal length (mm)
Unit length (mm)
Number of mirrors
8 tablets
28 tablets (RP3)
Parabolic equation
Operating wind speed
                              ≤ Grade 8 (17.2 m/s)
Safe wind speed
                              ≤ 10 (24.4 m/s)
Average unit mass (kg/㎡)
Service life
                               ≥ 20 years

Excellent substrate: the original sheet is made of ultra-white float glass;
High reflectivity: silver plating ≥ 1500mg/㎡, reflectivity ≥ 94%;
High precision: mirror surface accuracy <2 mrad;
High mechanical strength: fully tempered, high mechanical strength;
Five-layer anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion coating: copper layer is used for protection outside the reflective silver layer (deposition thickness ≥ 500 mg/㎡), anti-oxidation protective layer is used outside the copper layer to improve the wear resistance and weather resistance of the equipment, and green environmental protection is used on the outer layer of Z Anti-UV protective coating, service life.

System features:
◆ Collector tube: length 2000mm /4060mm, glass metal melting and sealing technology, antireflection coating for outer tube
◆ Reflector: The original piece is made of imported ultra-white float glass, 1500 mg/㎡ silver plated, with reflectivity ≥ 94% ◆ Bracket: twisted tube type
◆ Driving mode: reducer/hydraulic
◆ Tracking mode: time control
◆ Service life: ≥ 20 years

Solar high temperature collector tube
The high-temperature collector tube is the core component of the trough solar collector. It is mainly composed of a metal inner tube coated with a selective absorption film and a glass outer tube coated with an anti-reflection film. Vacuum is drawn between the glass outer tube and the metal inner tube to reduce heat loss and prevent oxidation of the selective absorption coating.

Parameters of high temperature collector tube:
◆ Collector length: 2000mm/4060mm
◆ Outer diameter of glass tube: 95mm/125mm
◆ Outer diameter of metal pipe: 40mm/70mm
◆ High transmittance: The outer cover glass tube is coated with AR antireflection and antireflection coating, and the sunlight transmittance reaches more than 96%
◆ High absorption rate: α ≥ 95.5%
◆ High vacuum degree: ≤ 10-3mbar, high temperature exhaust process at 460 ℃
◆ low heat loss:<117 W/m(350 ℃), <111 W/m(300 ℃), <69 W/m(250 ℃)
◆ Corrosion resistance: The inner tube is made of DIN1.4541 steel, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance.
◆ Service life: ≥ 20 years
◆ Operating temperature: the heat conducting medium can reach 380 ℃
◆ Application ambient temperature:-40 ℃

Specification parameters
φ 90/40mm
φ 125/70mm
Tube length (mm)
Outer diameter of glass tube (mm)
Glass tube material
                                     High borosilicate 3.3 glass
Glass tube transmittance
                                     ≥ 95.5%(AR membrane)
Outer diameter of metal pipe (mm)
Metal tube material
                                     DIN 1.4541(AISI : 321)
Absorption rate of coating
                                     ≥ 95%
Coating emissivity
                                    ≤ 10 (below 400 ℃)
Tube weight (Kg)
Vacuum degree
                                     ≤ 10-3mbar
Unit heat loss
<117 W/m(350 ℃), <111 W/m(300 ℃), <69 W/m(250 ℃)

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Yes,we supply total parabolic trough solar collectors,and we also supply receiver tubes,mirror.

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