Теплопроводящий керамический нитрид алюминия (AlN) диск

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Product Name
Aluminum Nitride small disc
Heat Conduction

  • Product performance description

    Aluminum nitride (AlN) is one of the best  materials to use if high thermal conductivity is required. When combined with its
excellent electrical insulation properties, aluminium nitride is an ideal heat sink material for many electrical and electronic

       Aluminum Nitride's property
1.High thermal conductivity(Theoretically, the thermal conductivity can reach 320 W/m·K、near Cu & AL,7~10 times of AL2O3)
2.Thermal expansion coefficient is near Si and SiC
3.High electrical insulatio(above 15KV/cm)
4.High strength(above Al2O3 creamic) 5.Plasma resistance
6.High Purity
8.Plasma resistance

Our Advantage:
1. Complex shapes available 
2. High production quantities 
3.Excellent performance 
4.Lower in cost

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Company Introduction

Xiamen Juci Technology Co., Ltd was founded in December 2016. It is committed to production of high-purity AlN
powder,AlNgranule,AlN creamic microsphere and ALN ceramics with complicated shape. The company have a first-class management and technical team, its own research and development center, and have a close relationship with many universities and institutions in the development of production and equipment.
Recently, JUCI company's production capacity is 200t/year of ALN powder and 100t/year of ALN ceramics,many productions have been successfully applied in the national defense and civilian fields. The project of aluminum nitride ceramic with high thermal conductivity and complicated shape has been evaluated as the world's leading technology by authoritative organization.

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