Ceramics Grade Sodium albite Potassium Potash Calcined Feldspar Powder Price Per Ton Specimen for Ceramic Glaze Enamel Industry

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Product Overview


Price Potash Potassium Mineral Sodium Feldspar Powder as Fertilizer Feed Additive for Agriculture Making Welding Flux Electrodes

Product Description

Feldspar is an aluminosilicate mineral containing calcium, sodium, and potassium.Feldspar rich in potassium or sodium is mainly used in ceramic industry, glass industry and enamel industry.

Potassium feldspar is a potassium-rich silicate mineral with the advantages of low melting point, long melting interval and high melt viscosity. It is one of the main raw materials for the glass and ceramic industries, as well as the main raw materials for artificial grindstones, welding rods and potash fertilizers. It can be widely used in industrial fields such as processing and extracting potash fertilizers, and is an important energy-saving mineral raw material to replace alkali.

Albite is a common sodium-containing aluminosilicate rock-forming mineral. During the heating process of albite, its theoretical melting point is 1100°C. The melting point of natural albite ore varies with its chemical composition. Sodium feldspar can be used to produce polished tiles, exterior wall tiles, floor tiles, etc.


Product Name
Feldspar Powder; Albite powder
Albite/Sodium feldspar powder (Na2O), Potassium feldspar powder(K2O)
alkali feldspar; 
Potassium feldspar powder has the characteristics of low melting point, long melting interval and high melt viscosity;
The melting temperature range of albite is narrower than that of potassium feldspar, the melt viscosity at high temperature is smaller, and the change with temperature is faster.
Making welding rod, Glass production, Ceramics, Enamels, Wall/Floor tiles, bathroom supplies, sanitary ware, Fertilizer


Mainly used in the manufacture of ceramics, enamels, glass raw materials, abrasives, etc., in addition to the manufacture of potash fertilizers.

1. Ceramic body ingredients: Before firing, feldspar can be used as a barren raw material to reduce drying shrinkage and deformation of the green body, improve drying performance, and shorten drying time.
2. Glass flux: feldspar is one of the main components of glass mixture. Feldspar has high alumina content and low iron content, which can reduce the amount of alkali. In addition, the process of sodium feldspar into glass after melting is relatively slow, and its crystallization ability is small, which can prevent the precipitation of crystals during the glass formation process and damage the product, and albite can also be used to adjust the viscosity of the glass.
3. Ceramic glaze: Ceramic glaze is mainly composed of feldspar, seasoning and clay, and the content of potassium feldspar can reach 10-35%.
4. Enamel raw materials: As enamel glaze, feldspar is mainly used for blending other mineral raw materials into enamel.
5. Others: It can be used as raw material for extracting potash fertilizer.
6. Albite is also used in soaps, abrasives, abrasive tools, welding rods and other industries. The albite in the electrode coating can act as an arc stabilizer and a weld pool protector.

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