Car Spray Booth Price

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Product Overview



Spray booth type
Side-inlet, side-exhaust spray booth
Single station
Inside diameter of the chamber
The outer diameter of the chamber
Including 300mm base
Door opening size (W×H)
4 sheet metal gates
Noise when the equipment is working
Indoor illumination
Average indoor wind speed
Air supply filter
tertiary filtration
Paint mist treatment efficiency
Paint temperature


Total enter air volume
1 set of 7.5kw intake fan
Total exhaust air volume
1 set of 7.5kw intake fan

Products Detail

1.House system
①The wall panels of the house are made of high-temperature fire-resistant hand-purified panels, with a heating frame inside, edge-sealing on all sides, the thickness of the thermal insulation panel is 50mm, the double-layer color steel plate is 0.5mm, and the rock wool bulk density is 120kg/cubic;
②The top is bent and buckled with δ0.8mm galvanized sheet, and the top frame is welded with 40*60 square tube, which is firm and safe.
③The slot and wrap angle are bent with δ1.2mm galvanized sheet and sprayed with plastic.
2.Gate system
①The gate design is a folding four-leaf tempered explosion-proof sheet metal large glass door, all handmade, with a built-in δ1.2mm high-strength skeleton, a built-in mortise lock, and a glass observation window, which is convenient for observing the paint spraying in the room; the size of the door opening is W:3200mm×H:2600mm, the size of single door is W:800mm×H:2600mm;
②There is a safety working door on one side of the room, equipped with a safety pressure lock device. When the pressure in the room reaches the limit, the safety door will automatically pop open to release the pressure, which is convenient and safe. It is equipped with a glass observation window, which is convenient for observing the paint spraying in the room. The size of the door opening is: W:650mm×H:1800mm.
3.Fan system
① The air supply unit adopts DDF type single air inlet fan. According to the calculation of air volume, a total of 7.5kw fans are configured for air intake, and the total air supply volume is 25000m³/h, totaling 7.5kw.
②DDF type single air inlet fan is selected for the exhaust fan group. According to the calculation of air volume, a total of 7.5kw fans are configured for air intake, and the total air supply volume is 25000m³/h, totaling 7.5kw.

4.Water-based paint system:
①The water-based paint fan adopts YDW type double-inlet fan, with a total of 2 sets, each water-based paint fan is 0.55KW, and the total is 1.1KW;
②The special water-based paint air duct is made of δ1.0mm bending; the air supply duct is fixed with 2 sets of flexible connections and the top light box;
③The top lighting light box is equipped with 32 sets of water-based paint blowing nozzles, which can be rotated to adjust the wind direction;
④The water-based paint bellows is welded by 20*20mm galvanized square tube, with delta 0.8mm galvanized sheet skin, and contains 1 air supply purifying cotton, which is sprayed as a whole. device
①The light box is folded and sprayed with high-quality δ1.2mm galvanized steel sheet, and the lighting tubes are all 16W Philips LED integrated tubes, with high lighting brightness;
②The ceiling lamp is equipped with 8 groups, each group of 4 lamps, to achieve no ghosting and blind spots in the working area;
③The surface of the lamp tube has a glass cover, and the frame is sprayed with plastic, which can prevent rust and be beautiful; the light boxes are evenly distributed on both sides of the spray booth and hang on the top of the spray booth at a 45-degree angle.
④The waist light is equipped with 9 groups of LED panel lights to increase the overall brightness and achieve illuminance of 1000 lux;
④Lighting power: 2KW.
6.Electronic control system
①The electric control system adopts vertical penetration electric control cabinet, including button control, power switch, lighting switch, heating switch, fan switch, fault indicator light and emergency stop switch;
②The box body is made of cold plate bending and spraying, and the electrical components are selected from Chint Electric, equipped with functions such as spray painting, paint timing, over-temperature alarm, leakage protection, emergency stop, etc. The operation is simple, the degree of automation is high, and the overall structure is firm and beautiful.

7.Heating system
A total of graphene heating baking lamps are configured, each group is 2.4kw, a total of 24kw.
7.Heating system
Diesel heating: Italian G20 diesel burner, heat exchanger made of SUS304 high-quality stainless steel.
7.Heating system
Natural gas heating: Italian FS20 natural gas burner, heat exchanger made of SUS304 high-quality stainless steel.

8.Base hoarding
The house body and box skirt are all made of δ1.2mm galvanized sheet by bending and welding, and reinforced.
9.Base bottom beam
The connecting legs are made of δ1.8mm galvanized sheet by bending and welding to form a "convex" structure, which has high strength and can be used for For supporting steel grating and checker plate.
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Installation Instructions

Foundation drawings
Base drawing
Top Mounting Drawings

light panel drawings
Water-based paint drawings
Gate drawings


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Our Advantages

Our factory has a professional design team, which can customize products according to customer requirements.
We have a professional production team with rich experience and can solve complex problems for customers.
We have advanced production equipment, which can save production time and improve production quality.


Q1: What are your packing conditions?
A1: Mainly cardboard, foam board, film wrapping packaging.
Q2: What are your payment terms?
A1: TT, Alibaba credit insurance orders.
Q3: What are your delivery terms?
Q4: How about your delivery time?
A1: 20 working days.
Q5: Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A1: Yes, we have.
Q6: Can you make the machine size and color according to our requirements?
A1: Yes, we can make machine size and color according to your request.
Q7: What are the advantages of your company?
A1: 1. Factory direct sales; 2. One-year warranty; 3. Advanced microcomputer control system
4. Fast infrared lamp drying system (can be customized diesel or gas drying) installation
Guidance service; 5. Installation guidance service; 6. Experience in transportation; 7. CE certificate

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