Промышленный дымовой фильтр, очиститель дыма для ресторана, этиленовый газопоглотитель, оборудование для удаления дыма на кухне (1600537921517)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Commercial Kitchen Electrostatic Precipitator(ESP)
Air pollution is cutting global life expectancy by an average of 1.8 years per person, making it the world’s top killer. While we cannot control outdoor air quality, we can choose to protect us and create a clean commercial kitchen. KELV Electrostatic Precipitator ESP's mission is to create healthy indoor commercial kitchen for people.

Product name
Electrostatic Precipitator(ESP)
Brand Name
Hot-dip galvanized steel paint shell
Removal efficiency Rate
Flange size(mm)
Lead Time(day)
Shipping time
sea shipping 30-40day
ISO, CE, Chinese national technology patents.
Factory, restaurant, hotel, barbecue shop,Kitchen

Product Analysis

Are you still troubled by these problems?
1.The kitchen fumes are too heavy & the purification effect is poor.
Harmful Substances Affect your Health.

2.Unstable operation of equipment requires constant maintenance.
Equipment is difficult to clean.

3.air pollution,Resident Complaint.
Environmental surprise inspection,fail the inspection,Will face fines and closures.

4.The smell of oil smoke affects business and loses many customers.
Choose us to easily solve the troubles caused by lampblack !

What can the Electrostatic ozone deodorizing air cleaner help with ? 
* removal rate of grease, smoke:  Single pass 95%;  double pass >98% 
* Comply with local environmental policies
* Avoid complaints and be friendly with local residents and commercial neighbor. 
* Greatly reduces grease accumulation in the ducts and fire hazard, as well as saving duct cleaning cost. 
* Low wind resistance: Energy-saving and saving your cost on high power fan. User usually can use original / factory fan.

Supperior features
1. Odor, smoke, oil control efficiently.Easy installation, maintenance and cleaning.
2. Modular in design:  Modular units allow to vertical/horizontal stacking combination as per different air flow or removal efficiency rate request.  
3. Intelligent electrostatic power control system Electric intensity auto-control function ensures the Commercial Kitchen Electrostatic cleaner maintains a high purification rate after a long time service. 
4. Photolysis and odor removal:  High power UV tube will remove food odor more efficiently.  
5. Voltages: 110-240V, 50Hz (60 Hz optional)
6 Safety and Stability: Door-open power-off protection, Over-current, voltage, temperature protection


Model-L When you choose, you can consult customer service first to ensure that you choose the right one

We have various specifications of fume purifiers. If you want to wholesale from China, I will give you a lower price and the best quality.

How to choose the model I need? Air Flow is the key !
★1: Check the air flow of exhaust fan, then choose an ESP device larger than that. For example, the exhaust fan is 7000CMH, then you will need ESP device of 8000CMH.
★2 : Check the covering area of range hood, then do the math. Usually 1-meter-long range hood requires 2000CMH to 2500CMH air flow. For example, Kitchen range hood is 1.2m in width and 2m in length, then she will need an ESP of 4000CMH.

Different types for your choice !


Where to install my ESP device?
Cubic ESP device can be installed anywhere between range hood and exhaust fan. For fire safety, we strongly suggest you put a fire damper after ESP device.
How often should I do the maintenance?
The maintenance is mainly about to clean the honeycomb structure fume collectors. We suggest the user shall clean the cells every 4-6 weeks. Or whenever the maintenance light lights up.

Installation Instructions

1. The dirty air first passes through a pre-filter. Large particles of oil are filtered.
2. The air then passes into the high voltage ionise section where the particulates are charged to a positive potential. And then the air passes into low voltage collector cell section where the particulates are charged to a negative potential. So the particulates are attracted to the collector plates effectively.
3. The particulates remain on the plates or drain down in to the sump.
4 UVC-ultraviolet light produces OZONE and undergoes chemical processes such as Photolysis and Ozonolysis that breaks down grease and odour containing compounds produced during cooking.
5. The cleaned air exits through the cabinet.

Packaging & Shipping

30-45 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity
All process:1.Laser cutting 2.Bending 3.Welding 4.Grinding 5.Plastic spraying 6.Dispensing 7.Final assembly 8.Testing 9.Packaging 10.deliver goods

Company Profile


GuangXi Kelv Enviroment Technology Co.,ltd
It is a research and development, production,sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises. located in Nanning Guangxi.It main R & D and production of oil smoke dust odor purification equipment, focusing on overnight barbecue, hotel,kitchens, factories and other oil smoke dust pollution, oil,smoke, odor, dust removal rate of more than 98% . 

Our ESP include Oil Mist and Smoke Filter Machine, uv,activated carbon,swirl tower,Mist-Smoke Filter Electrostatic Precipitator and Dust Collector. At present, we have 3 certificates of environmental protection products, 4 software copyrights and 11 independent intellectual property rights. The products are sold to more than 30,000 customers at home and abroad.


Our company certificate is complete.(CE,ISO)
Has three production qualifications for catering oil fume purifier, industrial waste gas, and electrostatic high-voltage power supply, and the quality is guaranteed

We more better and better ,welcome your visiting


Q: How to get the most suitable machine and best price?
A: Please tell us the material you want to working on? How to work on it Engraving Cutting Or other? What's the MAX size of these material ? length? Width Thickness?

Q: If we do not know how to use the machine, can you teach us?
A: Yes, we will, if you come to China. we will offer you free training until you can use machine freely. And if you are busy we
will have the special engineer to your country, but you need tobear some fee like tickets, hotel and meal.

Q: Can you promise to deliver the machine in time?
A: Yes, we can.

Q: How about your guarantee period?
A: Once you have any questions during this time, we will solve it for free.

Q: What is the material of your equipment?
A: In order to guarantee quality,We use steel sheet to make machine cover. The electrostatic honeycomb is made from all
stainless steel. This honeycomb technology is owned by only a few companies in China.

Q:Can you offer the OEM for us?
A:We welcome you to be our OEM client and we are willing to discuss all the details and requirements with you before we issue a formal plan.

Q:What is your minimum order quantity?
A:We welcome one-unit trial.
We believe that trying a small order then making a big decision is a necessary step before we build up a long term cooperation.

Q:Why choose you?
A: Our technical team will be a great backbone in every project, from the very beginning to after-sale service.
Our self-developed intelligent power supply can make sure operation steady with high security.
It can help to save the maintenance cost and time with long service life, maximizing the expectant benefits.

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