Vertical 3 wavelength remove unwanted hair equipment 808 755 1064 professional 808 nm diode laser hair removal machine

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Product Overview


Products Description

Diode laser hair removal machine features
1.No pigmentation. suitable for any kind of skin;
2.Suitable for any kind of skin; 
3.Safe and fast; 
4.International hair removal golden standard; 
5.The optimal laser wavelength; 
6.Long laser pulse width(10ms to 800ms);

Technical Parameter
Laser Type
Semiconductor Laser
Handpiece Pipe Length
Spot Area
Handpiece Weight
Pulse Frequency
Energy Density
Pulse Width
Screen Size
12.4 Inch
220/110 50/60Hz
Machine Size
Laser Power

Treatment Theory: 
Diode laser hair removal machine effectively penetrates deep into and absorbed by the target chromophore. 755nm 808nm 1064nm wavelength laser penetrates deeply into skin and can be absorbed by the hair follicle effectively which leads to thermal damage and realizes effective hair removal.

1.No topical anesthetic is required, eliminating lengthy treatment preparation;
2.No treatment gel is used during high speed treatment, saving additional time and money;
3.High speed sliding mode reduces treatment times.

Q & A: 
(1) What will happen after hair removal?
Generally, after receiving treatment, there may be some slight redness. This reaction will subside after 1 hour. It will not cause skin damage and will not affect work and normal activities. 

(2) Will hair removal affect sweating? 
No. The sac and the sweat gland are two independent structures. Hair grows from the hair follicle, and the sweat gland is next to the hair follicle. The process of hair removal is only the destruction of hair follicle cells and will not affect sweat glands or sweating. 

(3) Why didn't the hair fall off at that time?
Hair removal is aimed at the dermal papilla and melanocytes in the hair follicle, destroying the dermal papilla and causing it to shrink and become necrotic, and can no longer provide nutrients to the hair, so that fewer and fewer hairs will grow later and the color will become lighter.

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