HOMIDEK Heat Insulation,Protective Privacy Film PVC WHIRL For Home Window Tint Film Heat Control For Windows

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Product Overview


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Product Name
Heat Control window film
Product Number
Silver;Dark Silver;Amber;Light Green;Green;Blue;Dark Grey
PVC:0.15mm | Release Paper: 150gsm | PET:0.04mm
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Provide privacy of your shower room and windows in home or office.100% adhesive free, you can rest assured knowing the film will
never damage your window or leave behind a sticky residue.
Apply the film to your window in just a few short minutes with the use of a small squeegee.
An inexpensive alternative to those costly frosted window panels and walk in shower doors, comes in a trendy geometric design that
looks fabulous on windows.
UV Treatment avoid the yellowing caused by UV Rays.
Lots of designs to choose or customize unique designs.

*Regular Sizes
17.5"x80" | 17.5"x160" | 24"x80" | 24"x160" 
36"x72" | 36"x120" | 36"x144" | 36"x288" 
42"x72" | 42"x120" | 42"x144" | 42"x288"
48"x72" | 48"x120" | 48"x144" | 48"x288"

*Where to use?
Front Door
Living Room

1. Clean all residue, dirt, and fingerprints from window.
2. Measure window dimensions.
3. Cut film with sharp scissors. Oversizethe film up to 1/2 inch on each side.
4. Separate window film from back paper.
5. Wet window glass with water/soapy water with solution before applying film to window.
6. Stick one corner first then apply. Silde film into postion on window.Film should stick on glass.
7. Use a squeegee/card to squeegee out air bubble and water to film edge.
8. Trim any excess film using razor with metal ruler against window’s edge.
9. Repeat squeegee process and make sure the entire film is completely attached to the glass surface.
10. Towel away water from edges. This is to prevent water from seeping back into the film.

*Purchase Informations
What is HOMiDEK Window Film
HOMiDEK Window Film can be applied to new or exisiting glass windows in your home, office, school or factory. Window Films are
designed to reduce heat, reduce glare, add privacy, provide extra safety, security and to decorate glass.
Why should Static Window Film
Compare with regular window film with glue, static window film is a absolutely enovation product. Glued window film not easy
install and once you remove it, the glue will makes your window mess. Static window film easy install, easy remove and reusable.
What material is HOMiDEK Window Film made of
Our window films are 100% vinyl and charged with static to ensure a strong cling with no need for messy adhesives.
What is Frosted Window Film
A frosted window film is used when privacy is required in the home or workplace. Frosted windows can be created by using special
glass, but a more cost efficient and effective method is an application of privacy window film.
What is Light Blockout Window Film
100% light blockout window film is the perfect solution for babies and toddlers who need total darkness in their room to sleep and
dream the night away. A completely dark room during sleep will help stimulate melatonin production (that magical hormone that
helps regulate sleep/awake cycles ), be comforting for your baby, and help prevent early waking or late settling during summer and
daylight saving.
Tips: All White blockout film is a Patent item of HOMiDEK

What is Heat Control Window Film
Heat control window film is a highly effective solution for a range of issues, including privacy and solar control.
How does safety of window film for windows work
Glass is virtually everywhere we look. Windows, shopfronts, glass partitions; it is widely used in both commercial and residential
settings. It can also be incredibly delicate. Untreated glass can be at constant risk of either accidental or malicious breakage,
creating both a security and health and safety risk. An application of window film for windows can help mitigate these issues.
How is window film installed
Window Film is installed onto the glass using soapy water and a squeegee after the glass is thoroughly cleaned. If you are
interested you can view the installation process by watching our online videos.
How should I clean the windows after the window film is installed
You can clean your windows as normal. Please do not use anything abrasive or with harsh chemicals. Warm soapy water is the best.
If you have have window film istalled with cut out and patterns, please go careful around these areas.
Is it possible to remove the window film
Yes, window film can be removed from your glass, it also can be reused.

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*Company Profile
Established in 2015,Jiangsu Fortune New Material Technology Co.,Ltd is a National High-Technology Enterprise of China.Our company gathers products design, R & D, manufacturing, sales and services of plastic household products and new materials including Static Window film, Whiteboard film, Plastic Table Protector and Outdoor use material. Our company annual sales turnover exceeds 10 million US dollars in 70 overseas markets and main market includes America, European Union, Australia and Japan.

Our company has more than 10 years export experience and more than 5 years manufacturing experience, during these 10 years we are focusing on dealing with products that are innovative and environmentally-friendly, by cooperated with local universities we have total got more than 15 product patents.in the mean time,all of our products are in accordance with China National Standards and have been approved by ISO9001:2015, European REACH & ROHS Regulation and American Society for Testing Material.

Focusing on open innovation by evolving customer requirements and competing on a global stage,we encourage our employees to display both ability and inergity in all they do whilst providing strong customer service,This has been the key for us in gaining approval from international industry experts and consumers.


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