1,2-225 мм AS840 Цифровой ультразвуковой толщиномер метр тестер детектор стальной металлический алюминиевый листовой пластик со стеклокерамическим электродом

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Product Overview



Display method
4-digit LCD display
Display the smallest unit
Working frequency
Measuring range
1.2~225mm (steel)
Tube measurement lower limit
Φ20*3mm (steel)
Measurement error
H is the actual thickness of the measured object
Sound speed adjustment range
Known thickness back-measured sound velocity
The measurement range is 1000~9999m/s.
When the thickness of the test block is less than or equal to 20mm, the sound velocity measurement accuracy is ±1mm/H*100%;
when the test block thickness is greater than 20mm, the sound speed measurement accuracy is ±5%.
Operating temperature
Relative humidity
Workpiece temperature
Working current
Normal test ≤50mA; LED backlight on ≤120mA; quiescent current ≤20uA
Automatic zero calibration
Linear automatic compensation
Power supply
1.5V AA*3 barrery (not include)
Product Weight
Packing Content
1 * Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
1 * Φ10mm 5MHz Transducer
1 * 4mm Sampling Block
1 * Storage Box
1 * User Manual

AS840 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is an intelligent hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauge.
●Controlled by microprocessor and uses the principle of ultrasonic measurement, which can quickly, without damage and accurately measure the thickness and sound velocity of various materials.
●Used for accurate measurement of various materials or parts in the field of industrial production, and can monitor various pipes and pressure vessels in production equipment to monitor their thinning degree after being corroded during use.
●Used in manufacturing, metal processing, commodity inspection and other testing fields.
●All kinds of materials that can propagate ultrasonic waves at a constant speed and can distinguish the reflected waves generated on the back are suitable for this instrument.

Metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and any other good conductors of ultrasonic waves can be used to measure thickness with this instrument as long as there are 2 parallel surfaces: aluminum, copper, gold, resin, water, glycerin, etc.

Cast iron should not use this instrument because its internal grains are too coarse.

● Automatic calibration of zero point: system error can be corrected.
● Linear automatic compensation: use computer software to correct the nonlinear error of the probe in the whole range to improve the accuracy.
● Use the [UP] and [DOWN] keys to quickly query and adjust the sound velocity and thickness values.
● Coupling state prompt: You can know whether the coupling is normal by observing the stable state of the coupling flag.
● Storage: 10pcs thickness values can be stored, the data will not be lost after shutdown, which brings convenience for high-altitude and field work.
● Measurement of sound speed and storage of sound speed: directly measure the sound speed according to the thickness of the sample block, avoiding the trouble of looking up the table or converting; it can store 12pcs sound speed values.
● Low battery prompt.
● Manual and automatic shutdown: the instrument can be automatically shut down after 2 minutes without any work after the device is turned on.

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