electric steam boiler with steam iron/rice husk steam boiler

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coal fired steam /water boiler 

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Boiler for plywood hot press machine

Shengyang oil boiler is equipmented with the whole plywood production line, particle board production line and the osb production line.


1. High temperature in a low pressure

2. Stable heat system

3. Easily temperature control.

4. High heat efficient

5. Excellent operation control system

6. Safe monitor device

7. Less water, electricity, production cost

Application of thermal oil industrial heating boiler:          
Chemical: polymerization, condensation, distillation, concentration, evaporation, fusion

decomposition, deodorization, distillation of aliphatic acid, 

heating, hydrogenation,esterification.

Petrochemical:rectification, heating, thermal insulation
Plastic&Rubber: hot-press, calender, extrusion, vulcanization molding, artical leather manufacture
Textile staining:heat setting, dry, curing
Fiber:polymerization, fusion, mould pressing, thermosetting, extension, dry
Carbon:bitumen fusion, dripping, mixing,molding
Wood:veneer, MDPE,HDPE,lamination flooring,birch hot-pressing, drying
Metal:pickling, electroplate, coating, oil bath, heat-treatmen
Coating:basting and drying, vehicle, plane, hot forming, hyperthermia bonding, drying
Construction:highway hitumen, dissolving, thermal insulation
Cement:fuel heating
Electric:resin impregnation, melting&holding
Air-condition:radiant heating
Others:different application of high temperature heat source below 350°C.

Technique data:

Rated thermal power is 0.12Mw (10×104kcal/h) to 14Mw (1200×104kcal/h).

Design pressure is equal to or greater than 1 Mpa.

Operating temperature is equal to or less than 350°C.

Thermal efficiency is between 60% and 85% according to the difference of boiler type.



Coal, water gas, city gas, mixed gas, light oil, heavy oil, residual oil, mixed oil, coal dust,

coal water slurry, saw dust, bagasse, straw, waste oil and waste liquid.

Burning system


Fixed grate combustion, hydraulic jacking system, spiral jacking system, reciprocal

grate system, travelling grate system.


Mechanical atomization system, rotary cup atomization system, set cup atomization

system, steam atomization system, air atomization system.


Fuel gas filter, pressure switch, Gas pressure regulator, leak detection pump,

solenoid valve

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1. Can you customize products for clients?

Yes, We can customize and produce woodworking machines according to the customer’s requirements or drawings.

2. How can we trust your factory?

We recommend that you come to our factory to see the goods, to verify the real situation of the products, and know more about our factory.


3.Why does the price often change?

 The price depends on the latest prices of the raw materials.


4. What about the contract signing?

If you’re satisfied with the products and our service, you can sign the contract with us, pay the deposit. Then we’ll produce the machines as soon as possible. If you are far away, we can sign the contract by fax. We will ensure the quality of the products and the accessories are complete.


5. How about delivery?

 when the product is ready, it can be delivered to you after your full payment. We’ll provide technical guidance.


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