EMI/RF Shielding gaskets emi beryllium copper fingerstock/fingerstrips for mri shielding doors

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Product Overview


EMI/RF Shielding gaskets emi beryllium copper fingerstock/fingerstrips for mri shielding doors


Product Name
Beryllium Copper Fingerstock, EMI Beryllium Copper Fingerstrip, 
EMI shielding shrapnel / Spring
Materion  ( Brush ) Beryllium Copper C17200
Nickel-plated / Tin-plated / Not plated
ISO 9001:2015 / ROSH
Shielding Effectiveness
EMI Shrapnel Type
Magneticfield (100KHz)
Electricfield (10MHz)
Plane Wave (1GHz)
Heat Treatment
Standard Reed
110 dB
100 dB
90 dB
Soft Reed
95 dB
85 dB
75 dB
DPH/ Vickers
Mechanical Properties ( After Heat Treatment )
Tempering Grade
1/4 HT
1/2 HT
Tensile Srtrength(kgf/㎡)
123 ( Minimum )
130( Minimum )
1133 ( Minimum )
Yield Srtrength(kgf/㎡)
Hardness Range
Physical Property
Electrical Conductivity (% IACS)
Modulus of Elasticity (psi)

Various shape and plating for options, customized shape acceptable according to drawings

1. Good electrical conductivity, high tensile elasticity, high shielding effect, easy to install.
2. Excellent high temperature performance, resistance to moisture and ultraviolet light.
3. Made of high beryllium copper, have best flexibility.
4. Special shape design and good transmission for EMI, ESD and signal.
5. Good EMI effect, easy plating and welding, excellent product reliability.
6. Ultra-low magnetic permeability.
7. High tensile strength.

8. Long-lasting resistance to fatigue properties.
9. Light weight, easy to install, can have a variety of installation methods selection.

No plated beryllium copper fingerstrip
Nickel-Plated Beryllium Copper fingerstrip

Beryllium copper fingerstrip can be used in various shielding rooms, cabin doors, chassis doors, cover plates, printed board inserts and integrated circuit shielding etc. It also can be better applied to shielding materials like the top or side of shielding materials, especially for the occasions requiring sliding friction. In addition, Beryllium copper fingerstrip provides maximum elasticity and fatigue resistance, with excellent electrical conductivity and shielding properties.

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Q1. Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer in shielding material with over 16 years.
Q2. What are your main products?
We are supplying various gasket, EMI shrapnel, EMI conductive tape, conductive silicone rubber and other EMI shielding material.
Q3. What payment method will you accept?
TT, Ali trade assurance, Visa, E-checking, Master card, PayPal etc. acceptable.
Q4. Can you provide sample or customized service?
We are pleasure to provide you samples or customized service. Sample order is welcome.
Q5. What is our key advantages?
1) Effective communication, high efficiency and save time
2) Fast delivery time and rapid speed for sample arrangement
3) Over 15 years experience in manufacturing EMI shielding material, high quality, factory direct selling can offer very competitive price.

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