Chemical Industry Stainless Steel Reactor Mixing Reactor Kettle for Resin

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Jiesheng manufactures Reaction Vessels/Reactor with half pipe heating in SS 304/316 material, quality suitable for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, petrol, dye, and biochemical products, especially in various chemical reactions of chemical technical process.

Main Features:
1) Material: Generally there are stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, zirconium, nickel base alloy and other composite
2) Gland equipment: packing seal and mechanical seal
3) agitation types: paddle type, turbine type, propelled or gated type and the combination of different agitation forms.
4) Structure: outer jacket, outer half pipe, inner coil pipe, and inner plate
5) heating way: electric heating, steam heating and oil heating
6) Product specification: 0.1 - 20M3

We Can Supply: 
1. Adhesive Glue Production Line 
2. Unsaturated Resin Production Line 
3. Acrylic Resin Production Line 
4.Urea-formaldehyde Resin Production Line 
5. Polyurethane Resin Production Line 
6. Epoxy Resin Production Line 
7. Silicone SealantProduction Line 
8. White Latex Glue Production Line 
9. Hot Melt Glue Production Line 
10. Acrylic Sealant Production Line 
11. PaintProduction Line 
12. Super Glue Production Line 
13. Silicone Rubber Production Line

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