IC card prepaid gas meter with case case ICG1.6S-ICG6S EN1359 certificate

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IC card gas meter with steel case is a kind of gas meter with prepayment function, which is based on the diaphragm gas meter with
sending device, with IC card as the medium, equipped with electronic controller and electric valve. This IC card gas meter
supports all kinds of contact card payment, such as Bluetooth card, NFC card, CPU card, and also supports the payment of the
The IC card smart gas meter can fundamentally solve the problems of difficult meter reading and gas fee arrears.

IC card main parameters
-Measurement grade: B grade
-Total pressure loss:≤250Pa
-Power and voltage: ordinary battery 1.5V x4 units(AA)DC=6.0V;(lithium battery is an option) -Battery life: ordinary batteries 10
-Quiescent Current: I≤20μA
-Maximum operating current: I≤l20mA
-Data keeping time: t≥l0 years
-Valve durability:≥l0 times
-Card seat durability:≥104 times
-The number of IC card insertions: n≥104 times
-The number of actuators working without failure: ≥104 times (continuous test)

IC card meter main functions
-Reminding and dual display function
-Gas pre-pay and gas control functions
-Data retention and recovery functions
-Accurate count of total volume and consistency of measuring
-Voltage auto-inspection and valve turned off under low voltage function
-Valve automatically shut down when loss of power
-Low gas volume, characters "low volume" indications and valve turned off automatically
Low power voltage, characters "low voltage" indications and valve turned off automatically
-Prevention from various gas theft
-Valves shut down under no gas volume
-IC card against various kinds of metal plate attacks and valve turned off automatically
-Anti-interference against all kinds of magnetic objects and automatically close
the valve function
-"error" display when wrong card inserted and valve shut down automatically
-All kinds of information feedback when a card inserted
-Valve self-inspection function when different kinds of gas passed in a specific volume
-Negative counting function can be set
-Dual control function of valve switch
-Retrieve function of original data after the replacement of faulted meters
-Special card for a certain sum of gas consumption when the credit is insufficient
-Optional functions of beep alarms
-Automatically valve turned off when meter dismantled without permission

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