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Double-Petal Rose Brown Sugar Ginger Tea

English Name
Goji, Rose, Jujubae, Brown Sugar Ginger Tea with single packe
1. Base planting, natural no additives;
2. Artificial picking, no impurities;
3. Machine drying, manual screening, and ensure product quality.
In clean,cool,dry area; Keep away from strong,direct light.

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Main Benefit :
* Warm the heart, liver and blood, relax the qi in the body, play a calming, soothing, anti-depression role.
* Stick to drinking ink rose tea to help ease anger, relieve emotional stress.
*Adhere to drinking helps to regulate endocrine, regulate menstruation, improve menstrual pain

Guangxi high quality sugarcane
Selected sugarcane near guangxi latitude 24 degrees north, full of sunshine, high sugar and more sweet

Yunnan Luoping Nature Yellow Ginger
Nourished by fertile red soil, full of sunlight and nutrients

Ping Yin Double-Petal Red Rose
Floral fragrance, nature no sulfur, rich in vitamins and tannins

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Production experience ,OEM/ODM service are supplied in our company.

Yunnan Sanming Xinjiang E-commerce Co., Ltd., is a professional export for 23 years,serving OEM&ODM ten thousand wholesalers over 100 countries,focus on Chinese herbal tea including detox tea,beauty tea,fertility tea,womb tea ,beauty tea ,flower tea and so on.

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Q1: What are the main features of your products?

* 100% real ingredients; no "natural" or artificial flavors.
* No additives.
* Origin of high quality raw materials

Q2: Do you offer OEM service? What is the MOQ?

* We welcome your OEM customization. Different products have different MOQs. Please check the corresponding product details page or consult us!

Q3: Where is your factory located? How can I visit it?

* Welcome to visit our factory in Anning district, Kunming province, China.

Q4: Can I get the free samples?

* We welcome you to buy free samples, but we need to check shipping charge.

* More questions, contact us online or by anyway when you are free or easy please. Thanks for attention.

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