Square Screen 27 Inch All In One Computer 3mm Front Bezel Touch Screen Industrial Panel PC with Com Usb Hdm Dc12v 36v (1600541609211)

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Product Overview


7" to 32 inches Industrial Touch Screen Computer All in One Computer for Windows 7 8 10 with Rs232 Rs485 Com

 Embedded Panel PC

*Whole embedded pc machine adopts a slim bezel more suitable for embedded installation and fine brushed aluminum alloy

*Convenient installation
and better fit with the cabinet.

*Embedded fit design, cabinet integrated, simple and beautiful

Constantly bring forth new ideas in the industrial panel pc

Fanless Industrial PC Mute heat radiation
*Support working 24H
*Continue working stable
*Run -10℃ to 60℃
*Avoid system crashed
because of high temperature

Below 15.6 inch popular size
Can embed on bank ATM or school desk, government/market checking system.

Touch Screen Panel PC

Screen brightness can custom up to 1500CD/m '.
Under sunlight, the screen interface remains clear and visible, bidding farewell to
the troubles of outdoor environments and ensuring user use

Industrial computer
Intel® Celeron J1900, Dual Core, 2.0GHz, Fanless
CPU optional
Intel® Core, I5-4200U, Dual Core, 1.6GHz, Fanless
CPU optional
Intel® Core, I7-4500U, Dual Core, 1.8GHz, Fanless
CPU optional
Intel® Core, I5-6360U, Dual Core, 2.0GHz, Fanless
CPU optional
Intel® Core, I5-7267U, Dual Core, 3.1GHz, Fanless
CPU optional
Intel® Core, I7-7500U, Dual Core, 2.7GHz, Fanless
CPU optional
Intel® Core, I5-8250U, Quad Core, 1.6GHz, Fanless
CPU optional
Intel® Core, I7-8550U, Quad Core, 1.8GHz, Fanless
64GB SSD Optional 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512G SSD/ 500GB, 1TB HDD
CPU integrated graphics
Realtek ALC662, High Definition Audio (HD), Line In, Line Out
1×Realtek RTL 8111E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Input and output interface
3xUSB 2.0, 1xUSB 3.0, 1x Built-in USB SoftDog,
2x DB-9 COM1& COM2, RS232/422/485
Phoenix Terminal
1x HD/Audio Line Out/Power Button
Expansion slot
MINI-PCIE x 1, onboard SIM card slot, support 3G/4G module
MINI-PCIE x 1, support WIFI
operating system
Supports Windows 7/8/10, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.
color support
16.7 million colors
Response time
Contrast ratio
85°/85°/85°/85° (R/L/U/D)
Touch screen type
Ten-point capacitive touch screen
touch interface
USB (RS232 optional)
touch response time
2 ms
Surface hardness
>50 million times
touch option
(Capacitive touch optional)
External power supply
AC 100-240V
Operating Voltage
energy consumption
silver edge/black edge
VESA installation
temperature range
Operation: -10 to 60°C, Storage: -30 to 70°C
Relative humidity
10%~90% @ 30° C, non-condensing
5-500 Hz, 0.026 G²/Hz, 2.16 Grms, X, Y, Z, 1 hour per axis
install (option)
Flush Mounting Screws
Wall mount bracket (optional)
Desk Stand (Upgrade)
1 year warranty

Installation Instructions

Embedded Panel Computer Installation Ways
A. Installing edgings
B. Opening embedded installation
C. Fix screw on back
D. Finished

From the perspective of installation effect, embedded installation can closely fit the cabinet, which can be divided into external and internal installation. After the installation of the embedded type is completed, the display screen and the surface of the cabinet are at the same level, resulting in a higher degree of cabinet integration.

Our embedded model(Flush Mounting), as the name suggests, is installed from the inside of the cabinet to the outside, with only the display area exposed outside, a narrower border, and a higher proportion of the display screen.

Can custom the ports of industrial panel pc according to your requirements.
How to custom the industrial all in one pc?

1. Define Your Requirements: The first step in customizing an industrial panel PC is to define your requirements. Consider what type of environment the panel PC will be used in, what applications it will run, and what features and specifications are necessary.
2. Choose a Manufacturer: Once you have defined your requirements, choose a manufacturer that offers customization options for their industrial panel PCs. Look for a manufacturer that has experience building industrial panel PCs for similar applications and environments.
3. Select Components: Work with the manufacturer to select components such as processors, memory, storage, and display options. Consider factors such as performance, power consumption, and cost when selecting components.
4. Design the Case: The case design is an important aspect of customizing an industrial panel PC. Work with the manufacturer to design a case that meets your specific requirements, including size, shape, materials, and IP rating.
5. Add Custom Features: If you require additional features beyond those offered by standard industrial panel PCs, work with the manufacturer to add them. This might include adding specialized input/output ports, touchscreens, or other peripherals.
6. Test and Validate: Once the industrial panel PC is built, test and validate it to ensure that it meets your requirements. This may involve testing its performance, durability, and compatibility with your existing systems.
7. Deploy and Maintain: After the industrial panel PC is validated, deploy it in your application and maintain it according to
the manufacturer's recommendations.

In summary, customizing an industrial panel PC involves defining your requirements, choosing a manufacturer, selecting components,designing the case, adding custom features, testing and validating, and deploying and maintaining the device. Working closely with the manufacturer throughout the process can help ensure that you get a computing solution that meets your specific needs.

Embedded Mounting
Flush Mounting

Applicable Industry

*Automatic system: intelligent self-service terminal, intelligent retail terminal, O2O smart device, robot equipment, etc.
*Public Places: subway, airports, stations, gas stations, electric vehicle charging station, toll stations, bookstores, parks, exhibition halls, stadiums, museums, convention centers, ticket agencies, HR market, lottery centers;
* Business Organizations: hospitality industrial, supermarket, large-scale shopping malls, exclusive agency, chain shops, large-scale sales, star-rated hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacy.
*Financial Organizations: Banks, negotiable securities, funds, insurance companies, pawnshops;
*Non-profit Organizations: Telecommunications, post offices, hospital, schools.
*Real Estate Property: Apartments, villas, offices, commercial buildings, model rooms, property brokers.
* Entertainments: Movie theaters, fitness halls, country clubs, clubs, massage rooms, bars, cafes, Internet bars, beauty shops, golf course.

Quality Inspection

Our factory will finish quality inspection before shipping. Make sure that you receive the product well. Screen detection, withstand pressure test, touch test, aging detection, vibration detection, electrostatic test. Dropping test. And even we will do simulated transportation vibration detection. Please check video for more information.


Product packaging

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Guangzhou Chongchang Computer Technology Co. Ltd (brand Zhichun) is an innovative technology enterprise specializing in industrial automation touch display equipment products. Zhichun is dedicated to refined production, continuous quality development, and considers high-tech products as the core competitiveness of the company. We are committed to providing customers with a wide range of industrial solutions, including embedded industrial computers, industrial monitors, industrial Android all-in-one computers, industrial motherboard boards, industrial control hosts, and customized services.

At Zhichun, we pride ourselves on offering one-stop solutions to our customers.
Our comprehensive services include appearance design, mold development and manufacturing, product production, and end customer background support. Our experienced team of professionals is always ready to assist customers with their unique requirements and provide personalized solutions.
One of our key strengths lies in our OEM/ODM capabilities. We welcome inquiries from customers looking for customized products.
Our dedicated team of engineers will work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and deliver tailored solutions that meet their expectations.
Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We adhere to strict quality control standards throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that our products meet the highest industry standards. By leveraging advanced technologies and continuously improving our processes, we strive to deliver products that not only meet customer requirements but also exceed their expectations.
Zhichun aims to establish long-term partnerships with our customers based on mutual trust and satisfaction. With our reliable products and excellent after-sales support, we have gained a strong reputation in the industry. We value customer feedback and continuously invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

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