Industrial Meat Grinder Mincer and Smoke Sausage Maker Knot Tie Machine Automatic Sausage Production Line

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Industrial Meat Grinder Mincer and Smoke Sausage Maker Knot Tie Machine Automatic Sausage Production Line

Product Description


Product parameter

Meat Grinder
Grind Meat,Mince Meat
Meat Bowl Cutter
Emulsify Meat, Cutting Mince Meat To Be Meat Paste
Stuffing Mixing Machine
Mix Meat And Seasoning
Sausage Filling Machine
Filling Sausage
Sausage tying machine
Sausage Tie A Knot In Same Distance
60 Times/Minute
Smoke Oven
Cooking, Fuming, Drying, Roasting Sausage
Vacuum Packing Machine
Vacuum pack the sausage(for long Warranty Period )

Complete sausage prodution line

Meat Grinder Meat Bowl Cutter Stuffing Mixing MachineHydraulic Sausage Filling Machine Sausage Tying Machine Smoke Oven Vacuum Packing Machine

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Meat Grinder
1. Meat grinder is a common equipment for processing meat products.

2. Various specifications of frozen meat and product particles can be directly ground by changing the knife to meet different process requirements.

Meat Bowl Cutter
1. The pot is made of stainless steel to prevent leakage and overflow. Easy to clean.

2. The machine has high speed, high power, good shredding and emulsifying effect, and a wide range of processing raw materials.

Stuffing Mixing Machine
1. The meat grinder is efficient and easy to operate.

2. This machine can mix stuffing, bulk and sauce.

Sausage Filling Machine
1. It can be filled with large, medium and small sausages of various specifications.

2. The hopper, valve, enema tube and the outer layer of the machine are all made of high-quality stainless steel that meets the requirements of food hygiene.

Sausage Tying Machine
1. Electric and automatic work, full high-speed bearing, can be directly used with automatic sausage hanging machine.

2. Made of stainless steel, small size, high efficiency, convenient operation, saving production materials, low energy consumption, single-phase operation.

Smoke Oven
1. The automatic smoker is especially suitable for the production and processing of various chicken, meat, fish and other foods and fruits.

2. All parts of the machine are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance.

Vacuum Packing Machine
1. The surface of the stainless steel chassis is resistant to dirt and scratches.

2. Using high-quality high-power vacuum pump, the vacuum effect is good, suitable for the packaging of nuts, meat products and other products.

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Company Profile


Q1:What's your company after-sales service?
A1: Our machine will be checked three times before shipment to ensure that the machine itself has no problems. If the machine has some problems under incorrect operation:
1. improper operation problem, we will solve all the usage problems by video call.
2.machine parts problem, we will send you accessories to ensure the normal use of the machine.
3.In addition, our engineers go abroad every year to help customers solve problems they cannot solve. Give customers the best quality machine, the best service,Is the standard of our company .

Q2:Any warranty ?
A2:One year warranty. Frankly speaking, The quality of our machines is very stable. The machine will be tested three times before leaving the factory to ensure that the machine is in the best condition when it arrives at your address. Some minor problems of the machine are usually caused by incorrect operation by novices, so we provide a full set of English instruction videos and common problem solving videos, To help users better understand it. On the other hand, we put a set of spare parts in the toolbox of the machine in advance. During your use, if you need any spare parts, we can send it to you via UPS, and it only takes 5-7 days to arrive at your door. During use, if you have any questions, we can make a video call at any time.

Q3: How to transport without customs clearance experience ?
A3:We have reliable forwarder agent which can ship items to you by sea/air/Express to your home. We will help you choose the most suitable shipping service.

Q4:Does your company provide training?
A4 : Yes, we provide a series of instructional videos and after-sales service videos, supporting Chinese, English, French,
Spanish, and Arabic.

Q5:Differences from other brands in China ?
A5 : We are not only selling machines, we pay more attention to after-sales service. We have always believed that the customer'sreputation is the best advertisement. We hope to really help our customers use machines and bring growth to their business. Youcan view our customers' feedback, facts speak louder than words.

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