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Products Description

Automatic seam welding is a mechanical inert gas shielded tungsten argon arc welding for welding pipes or fittings in fixed positions and circular track welds. The tungsten electrode is assembled in the ring automatic welding machine head, and the driving mechanism drives the circumferential seam welding along the circular path.
The automatic welding of the circumferential seam can be a self-melting method of the base material, or a metal melting ring or a metal welding wire. For automatic seam welding requiring cladding efficiency, the hot wire method can be used to perform additional heating control on the filler wire to achieve higher metal filling speed.

♦The welding torch is fixed; the work piece rotating, welding position is horizontal
♦The work piece rotation is driven by clamping, roller bearing bracket
♦The torch is adjustable along the longitudinal beam, adaptable to various welding
♦Machine is PLC control, the work piece rotation adopts AC servo motor speed control, stepless adjustable, improve equipment reliability.
♦The form and parameters of welding can be preset, storing and transferring. Through touch screen human-machine interface can easily change the parameter and state transition.
♦The torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right, dip angle, in order to meet the welding requirements. Complete cylinder girth automatic welding. To ensure concentricity, uniform forming, good appearance, weld penetration and weld width meet the technological requirements, the clamping is convenient. SAW/MIG/MAG welding process; complete in one time welding.

Equipment Application and Scope
1. Application:
304 stainless steel longitudinal and circumference seam welding

cylinder diameter
cylinder length
≤ 2500mm
cylinder wall thickness

2. Job status: work piece welding surface is smooth, the largest seam gap less than 2mm.
3. condition of work piece surface: no pollution, serious corrosion etc.
4. Work piece state before welding: before welding, workpiece are firmly spot welded,the joints are clean.
5. The equipment pneumatically clamps the head and tail of the work piece and turns thework piece automatically.Flanges are welded on a welding positioner. Two sets of systems are using one power source, and the equipment can realize the switch between different welding spot.

Using industry PLC, Touch screen interface, servo motor and AC frequency converter to realize automatic welding.

The machine has the following characteristics:
1. Industrial plc control the operation of the whole machine, the control is accurate and reliable; the operation is simple and convenient.
2. Adopts ac inverter to regulate speed. Realize welding speed steeples adjustment and the adjustment is convenient and reliable, large range, high precision, stable and reliable operation.
3. Using high definition color touch screen, easy to set all kinds of welding process parameters.
4. Plenty of welding process parameters, to acheive full functional automatic welding.
5. Using high quality water cooling push wire welding torch, welding torch with up and down, left and right adjustment and angle adjustment function.
6. Using mechanical positioning. Pneumatic jacking work piece, accurate positioning.
7. In welding process, torch swing, can realize surfacing. Built-up welding automatic multilayer welding process.
8. Process integration is powerful, user according to the work piece welding requirements, has flexible choices.
9. Improve the work eficiency, reduces the labor intensity of the worker.

Circular seam welding machine finished product applied to used in many fields, such as solar water heaters,water tank,oil tank,LPG tank,pressure vessel,silencer etc.Want to know this circular seam welding machine more solution&applicaton! contact me!

Product Paramenters

380V 50HZ/220V 60HZ

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Product packaging

123 (L) * 456 (W) * 789 (D)
1.2 T

Packaging Details
The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

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Contacts: Mark Liu 
Tel: +86-411-82766928 
Fax: +86-411-39015062 
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1.Does your company accept customized offer, we have special need.
MC is a company that focuses on research and manufacture of modular cnc machines. We have a very rich experience and strong machine tool research and development capability. We are very willing to offer you customized highly-efficient equipment as long as you have certain amount of needs.

2.What certificate the machine in your company get?
We’ve passed the ISO9001 Quality System Approval and CE Certification.

3.Do you have price list for optional configuration?
We have various configurations and so many different specifications, so we can’t offer you price list. Please contact our sales engineer if you’re interested in certain specific configuration.

4.Does your company accept CIF price?
CIF price includes shipping cost of cnc machine which needs to quote according to the different destination port and various in different months. Please contact us when you have such need.CIF price also includes marine premium which is 2‰ of 1.1*total amount.

5.If your engineer come to our country to fix the machine and do some training, how much will it cost?
The cost mainly contain the cost of round-trip flight tickets, board and lodging as well as v isa fee. Staff cost is
100USD/day/person, normally, it’s a two person job. But it will depends for a large equipment or installation and debugging of the whole line.

6.What’s the warranty?
Warranty is 12 months which begins from the day when the machine has arrived at the importer’s port.

7.What’s your methods of transportation?
For most countries, we will transport our machine by sea, as for inland countries, we may use railway or highway transportation.Exported cnc machine is all be packed by wooden case which can be fixed into a 40 HQ.

8.If the machine is out-of-warranty, how to charge the cost of accessories?
For the out of warranty machine which needs to replacement parts, we will charge according to the parts quotation. If you have any questions, please email us for consultation.

9.What I would do for the machine failure?
If the machine malfunction and users are unable to resolve, please email us for consultation. Our service department will respond within 24 hours.

10.How to define the machine warranty? When did you start timing?
We identify the warranty based on the factory number. Warranty timing counted starting after equipment commissioning and acceptance. If you have any questions, please email us for consultation.

11.How long is the warranty period of machine tool?
We commitment to client machines are one-year warranty. For the purchase of the user, registered as a member in this website,with the factory number of the machine, you can enjoy extended warranty of 3 months. For details, please refer to membership service.

12.Does MC have maintenance manual and operation manual?
Each cnc machine leaving the factory will be along with related series or model the English instructions including maintenance manual and operation manual. Attached documentations may also include cnc controller instruction, parts instruction you bought(like rotaty table, oil cooler)

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