China Cordierite Mullite Kiln Furniture For Sanitary Ware Furnace

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1.Description of  Cordierite Mullite Plate used Ceramic Kilns Furniture

 Cordierite-mullite plate is widely used to fire ceramic, porcelain and pottery.It is cheap and reliable.It can work under 1250℃ in furnace. It has good thermal shock resistance, if you put it into a 1000℃ furnace, and then take it out  from furnace, it is still OK.It can bear quick temp-up and temp- down.


We can also customize according to your requirement.If you think cordierite plate  is not good enough, we can also recommend sillicon carbide plate

2.Technical data of  Cordierite Mullite Plate used Ceramic Kilns Furniture


Cordierite-mullite plate

  Apparent porosity,%


  Bulk density,g/cm3


  Modulus of rupture,





Phase composition,%  





 Max. service temp. 


    Chemical composition,%












1.Excellent strength at ambient and elevated temperatures.
2.High compressive strength.
3.Very low levels of iron and other impurities.
4.Lightweight and energy-efficient.
5.Lower heat storage than denser refractory.
6.Heats quickly and economically to operating temperature.




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Q1. What business does your company have?
A. The company is mainly engaged in: 1. Hot blast furnace transformation project (refractory ball to grid brick). 2. General contracting of pellet shaft furnace material resistance and construction. 3. General contracting of refractory materials and construction of iron mixing furnace and iron water tank. 4. General contracting of refractory materials and construction of lime shaft kiln. 5. General contracting of refractory materials and engineering for mineral heat furnace. 6. Provide melting and non-melting refractory products and technical services for various glass furnaces, such as regenerator, melting tank, working tank and material passage. 7. Refractories for circulating fluidized bed boilers. 8. Refractory materials for coke ovens. 9. Refractories for carbon roasters.


Q2. Which countries are you cooperating with?
A. Nearly 100 customers have established cooperative relations and have been providing customers with the best quality service.


A3. What products do you have?
A. Company main products:corundum mullite bricks, high aluminum brick, clay brick of blast furnace, blast furnace hot blast stove with thermal shock, low creep high alumina series.etc


Q4. How to guarantee the quality of your products?
A. We have established strict production processes and inspection standards, and we have established a professional QA and QC department to ensure that the products delivered by the factory meet the customer's technical indicators and related regulations.


Q5. Can you provide samples?
A. We can provide you with samples and delivery services, we will charge a certain sample and shipping costs, samples and shipping fees can be reduced in bulk orders later!


Q6. What payment methods do you support?
A. The payment methods we support are: T/T, L/C, DP/DA
If you choose 100% T/T, we will give you the best price.11


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