LP Litepro Bicycle hydraulic Disc Brake Left Rear Right Front 1000/1600mm

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Brand: LP Litepro
Colour: Black
Material: aluminum alloy
Weight: about 655g
Cylinder: three-dimensional cylinder (mineral brake fluid)
Tubing: the front tubing is 1000mm long; the rear tubing is 1600mm long
Installation size: 51mm/75mm (IS/PM common)
Double-piston brake, both sides drive the brake pads at the same time, the brake is stable, the brake is fast, and the reset is in time

Suitable for 160mm six-nail brake discs. If you need to install 180mm or 203mm brake discs, you need to purchase the corresponding IS/PM conversion kit.

How to distinguish the brake that suits you: There are two specifications for bicycle brakes:
1 If the left hand brake lever controls the rear brake, please select the left rear right front brake;
2 If the left hand brake lever controls the front brake, please select the left front right rear brake.

This oil brake adopts the design of left Rear brake and Right Front brake, which is suitable for mountain bikes with left Rear and Right Front brakes.

1 Aluminum alloy brake lever
2 Oil hole screw
3 Line tube protective sleeve
4 Extend the tubing
5 Suitable for 22.2mm diameter handlebars
6 Install the fixing screws
7 Brand LOGO


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