High Quality Pure Tungsten Cube Hot Sale 1kg 2kg 2.5kg 5kg 10kg polished pure Tungsten cubes Cheap Price (1600546474644)

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High Quality Pure Tungsten Cube Hot Sale 1kg 2kg 2.5kg 5kg 10kg polished pure Tungsten cubes

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 Engraving Pure 1kg tungsten metal cube for present

1 inch cube: 25.4*25.4*25.4mm          296g/pcs

1.5 inches cube: 38.1*38.1*38.1mm   1kg/pcs

2 inches cube:  50.8*50.8*50.8mm     2.5kg/pcs

2.5inches cube:  63.5*63.5*63.5mm   4.74kg/pcs

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1. The highest melting point of all metals , relatively stable chemical properties

2. Excellent resistance to electrochemical corrosion , not easily corroded by air .

3. High wearability ,High hardness, high density.

4. Good high temperature strength.

5. Good electron emission properties .

6. Mechanical properties mainly determined by the pressure processing and heat treatment process status. 1kg Tungsten cube



1.Tungsten cube is widely used for Ornament, decoration, gift, Balance weight, collection, target, Military industry, and so on;

2.Birthdays, special days, anniversaries, it can be as a gift for your colleagues, wife, husband, friends, they will be Surprise with the cube's weight,small volume and large weight.

3.Pure tugnsten or tugnsten alloy cube 1kg also can be for your desktop or coffee table.


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1,Tungsten&molybdenum profiles (rods,bars,tubes,plates,sheets of tungsten,molybdenum and their alloys).

2,Balance weight of tungsten heavy alloy (for motors,watches,golf clubes ,propellers).

3,Power automotive industry (tungsten copper switches,contactors,tungsten contactors)

4,Flat panel displays,photovoltaic(Magnetron sputtering targets) .

5,Vacuum coating industry (evaporation boat,cathode,evaporation coils,crucibles)

6,Quartz,glass and rare earth smelting industry (electrode,spinning nozzle,crucibles)

7,Parts for medical equipment (collimator device of CT machine,mammography target of X ray machine).

8,Electronics industry (ion implantation components,MOCVD machine parts,electron gun parts)

9,Nuclear aerospace and military industry (carrying boat,radiation shield,tungsten crucible for renewable nuclear fuel,rocket nozzle,throat,penetrator).

10,Vacuum or gas protected high temperature furnace material (sintering furnace,monocrystalline furnace,annealing furnace)

  (1)Tungsten and molybdenum crucible(spinning,forging,sintering,welding),heating element.

  (2) Heat shield,shelves,tray,hooks,seed holder,cylinder,pallet,screw,nut.

  (3) Complete hot zone for sapphire crystal growth furnace (KY,ESG,CZ,HEM)

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Achemetal Tungsten & Molybdenum Co., Ltd., located in Luoyang, Henan Province, China, is a manufacturer of tungsten and molybdenum specialty products. Our product line includes foil, sheet, plate, wire, rod, fabricated part as well as pressed and sintered part. Our products have been used in a wide range of industries, including electronics, lighting, semiconductor, automobile, fiberglass, aircraft, medical and many others. We are committed to serve customers, helping our customers and working with our customers to succeed in the ever challenging market.




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