Tesla CCS1 Adapter Automobile Charging Pile DC Fast Chargers Tesla CCS Combo 1 Tesla Charger Adapter

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Product Overview


Product Information

Country of origin
Guangdong, China
Carton Packing
OEM Standard Size
200 PCS
Delivery Time
15-25 Days

Products Description

Doubts and Answers
1What is my product?
The product is Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter
2What does my product consist of?
First of all, the automotive connector contact parts, contact parts is the core component of the automotive connector, its composition is mainly positive contact parts and negative contact parts, through the insertion of the two to complete the electrical connection. Positive contact piece shape is made of brass, phosphor bronze cylindrical (round pin), square column (square pin) or flat (plug).

The masculine contact piece, also known as the jack, is responsible for the close insertion of the pin, there are many types of jacks, folding type, cylindrical, cantilever beam type, box, hyperbolic wire spring, etc.

Next is the housing of the automotive connector, the housing is also the outer cover, it it provides mechanical protection for the insulated mounting plate and pins inside, and provides alignment when the plug and socket are inserted, and thus the connector is fixed to the device. Then the insulator of the automotive connector, the main role of the insulator is to allow the contacts to be aligned as needed, and to ensure that the A contacts and B contacts are insulated from each other. Insulator material needs to be good insulation resistance, voltage resistance and easy processability.

Finally, the automotive connector accessories, accessories are divided into structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories such as snap rings, positioning keys, positioning pins, guide pins, connecting rings, cable clamps, sealing rings, gaskets, etc. Mounting accessories such as screws, nuts, screws, spring rings, etc. Most of the accessories have standard parts and common parts.
3What is the quality guarantee of my product?
1. All products supplied are brand new and meet the design requirements of the purchasing unit.
2. The products procured come from regular channels, eliminate "three no" products in the warehouse, never cut corners, provide adequate services to the purchasing unit and supply high quality materials.
3 In order to ensure the quality of the project, our dedicated personnel strictly follow the quality management system and quality management system, follow up and check the products, and carry out quantity inspection, system inspection and product quality reward and punishment system to ensure the quality of the project is qualified.
4. After the goods arrive at the designated place, organize the relevant personnel of both parties to conduct arrival inspection and acceptance to ensure that they meet the contract requirements.
5. Have strict management on the storage and stacking of project preparation materials and conveying materials.
6. To provide after-sales technical
4What can you achieve with my products?
Bridging the gap between blocked or isolated circuits in a circuit, thus allowing current to flow
5What is the difference between my product and others?
Enterprise supply capacity annual sales volume of more than one million, historical user feedback without bad comments, high repeat rate, production equipment, excellent technical staff, high management capacity, excellent related organizational capacity, operational control ability to hire top talent
6Enterprise supply capacity
In terms of production equipment capability, we adopt the latest high-tech precision equipment and technical facilities, which are regularly replaced and maintained; in terms of technical capability, the company has specially hired technicians with high salaries, who can deal with problems alone; in terms of management capability, the rules and regulations are implemented openly and transparently step by step, with mutual supervision and inspection; in terms of organizational capability, the legal provisions and rules are implemented; in terms of operational control capability, we train regularly, keep abreast of the times, and strive to be the trendsetter of the times

Quality assurance
Strong quality consciousness of staff, workflow in strict accordance with the requirements of the implementation of a dedicated
person to supervise, quality assurance

Factory direct sales
Industry and trade integration, under the supervision of the state, under the supervision of the people, factory direct sales, no
middlemen to earn the price difference

Compact size
Made by precision machines, customizable products, compact size, easy to carry, can change the size
The use of expensive materials, making the product durable, long service life
Flame-retardant material
 The use of flame retardant material, reduce the probability of high temperature damage wire, you worry about the problem is the
problem we want to solve, all customer-centric.

Buyer experience
Quality assurance, please rest assured to buy, what do not know remember to contact customer service, we have been in

Production Process

1-Material selection
The quality of the harness material directly affects the quality of the harness. The choice of the harness material is related to
the quality and service life of the harness,Huizhou Olink Technology Co., Ltd. with customer first, we choose excellent materials
to make you feel at ease.

2-Wire Cutting
Huizhou Olink Technology Co., Ltd.We have many multi-line cutting machines, double-sided plane grinding machines, double-sided plane polishing machines, surface grinding machines, coreless grinding and rounding machines, and multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machines. Good product after-sales service and continuous improvement concept, willing to be your trustworthy long-term partner.
3-Wire peeling
Huizhou Olink Technology Co., Ltd With professional technicians and technical equipment, we have several fully automatic wire stripping facilities, such as high voltage cable strippers, electric wire strippers, coaxial cable strippers, computerized stripping machines, e

4-Tin Solder
Solder is an important industrial raw material for connecting electronic components in soldering circuits. It is a solder with a low melting point and mainly refers to solder made from tin-based alloys. Solder is produced by first making ingots by the melt method and then pressure processing them into materials.
5-Terminal Crimping
Crimping die made of advanced tool steel, and through the advanced computer numerical control (CNC) equipment processing can achieve tight tolerance, Huizhou Olink Technology Co., Ltd uses a variety of terminal crimping machine, automatic terminal machine, terminal wire processing machines, products are exported to domestic and foreign, no middlemen to earn the difference in price, delivery on time, to provide integrated wire harness processing program,, factory direct sales, quality assurance
6-Terminal Checking
Terminal Checking needs to be inspected by professional inspection equipment. Huizhou Olink Technology Co., Ltd commonly used terminal inspection equipment are: tool microscope and optical imaging instrument.

7-Insert Terminal
GIS termination that allows cables with stress cones to be inserted or pulled out of epoxy sleeves without being energized
8-Product Molding
The choice of plastic molding is mainly determined by the type of plastic (thermoplastic or thermosetting), the starting form, and the shape and size of the product. Common methods for processing thermoplastics include extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding, and thermoforming, etc. Processing thermoset plastics is generally done by molding, transfer molding, and also by injection molding. Plastic molding is the process of making various forms (powders, granules, solutions and dispersions) of plastics into products or blanks of the desired shape
9-Product Testing
There are two categories and four types of product testing methods commonly used in product testing research: single product testing and paired comparison product testing. Huizhou Olink Technology Co., Ltd has a special machine professionals to test the product excellent, layers of gatekeepers, timely feedback to solve problems, to ensure that the product to the hands of customers 0 defective rate

10-Full Inspection
After a series of processing and production, the product will be checked a second time to ensure the functional use and quality of the product
11-Product Packaging
The products are tested and perfected and packaged in bags or according to customer requirements
Sample display
Huizhou Olink Technology Co., Ltd is a professional custom, OEM and ODM company with strong R&D capability to provide technical support for different needs.

Company Business Scope

Company Profile

We are devoted to being a globally qualified ODM supplier of wire harness and cable assembly, have passed the certification of
IATF 16949:2016 quality system and ISO14001:2015 environmental system, as well as ISO13485 medical system certificate. Our
products are compliant with RoHS, REACH, and non-phthalate environmental protection standards, all the raw materials are UL

Our production department staff has over 5 years experience in the production of wire harnesses. QC has a total of 18 employees.
After a rigorous selection, wire harness inspection has more than 8 years of experience. Our engineering department has obtained
many technical certifications and 15 years experience of research and development of wire harness products.


Product packaging

Huizhou Olink Technology Co., Ltd Focus on the development and production of high-quality customized wire harnesses, products are widely used in industrial control, communications, medical, automotive and new energy fields, the company's customers around the world Huizhou Olink Technology Co., Ltd mainly foreign-funded enterprise customers with high-tech production equipment and testing instruments, its resource advantage is integrated into the vertical integration of the main materials of the product, making full use of the market, technology, capital and management resources of partners, while the company has also established a complete The quality control system, has obtained IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO13485, IPC620 certification, while the company also passed the certification of high-tech enterprises in 2019, and has obtained fifteen industry patents, as well as strong original parts channel resources, with the ability to integrate electronic components, actively participate in the customer's initial wire harness product design selection to meet the various needs of customers.

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