AWD-118B Adsorption Column Automatic Sample Loading and Cleaning Tester Automatic Measuring Device Asphalt Testing Equipment

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Heavy Oil Group Composition (Four Components) Automatic Measuring Device

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1. Overview
Heavy oil group composition (four components) automatic measuring device is a multi-functional product, can be used for four components of heavy oil, four components of petroleum bitumen, petroleum distillate saturated hydrocarbon and aromatics separation method (color separation method), wax content in crude oil, wax, gum, asphaltene content in crude oil.

The instrument is divided into three parts: adsorption column automatic washing device, adsorption column automatic sample loading cleaning device, automatic solvent evaporation and recovery device.

The design of the instrument reflects the concept of automatic and environmental protection, so that the operator and toxic solvent as far as possible separated, toxic solvent can be automatically recovered when evaporation, both protect the operator and reduce the toxic solvent pollution to the environment.

Adsorption Column Automatic Sample Loading and Cleaning Tester

Product Features:
*7 inch LCD touch screen, English operation interface.
*Four adsorption columns can be equipped with alumina at the same time, and the corresponding vibration device can be controlled separately.
*Four adsorption columns can be cleaned at the same time, and tap water can be connected externally or pumped through the pump of the instrument itself.
*In order to ensure the adsorption column clean, the instrument set up the upper and lower cleaning function.
*When cleaning the adsorption column, it is easy to install and use less water.
*After cleaning, there is a fixed seat for hanging adsorption column on the right side of the instrument, and 8 adsorption columns can be hung at the same time for easy drying.

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