aquaculture farming rubber weighted Air Hose self sinking air hose (1600548669657)

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aquaculture farming rubber weighted Air Hose self sinking air hose

The rubber self-sinking aeration tube, because of its heavy weight, can sink directly to the bottom of the water body without any external force to assist it, and does not need to press it on the bottom. Therefore, it is convenient to install and use and has a long service life. Since the surface of the pipe wall is very smooth, dirt or microorganisms will not block the pipe hole.

Self-Weighted Air Tubing is constructed of a high-density flexible PVC composite which allows it to be handled and installed easily and the rapid sinking properties make Self-Weighted Air Tubing an excellent choice to make aeration installations quick and easy.

The semi-automatic extruder is used to produce rubber composite oxygen-enhanced hoses of various diameters. Widely used in aquaculture, fish farming,fish pond,shrimp pond,prawn pond, river water treatment .etc

Features of Aeration Rubber Hose

Application: Used to make dissolved oxygen in the water reach higher amount and enhance the stocking density. Apply to
aquaculture, sewage treatment.
1. An effective energy consumption saving of 75%
2 . Increasing the growth rate of fish and shrimp
3. Maintaining oxygen levels in water
4. Reducing the harmful gases in water


Self sinking aeration hose

Features and benefits for aquaculture farming rubber weighted Air Hose self sinking air hose:

The self sinking hose is flexibility, suitable for any aquatic environment such as freshwater, salt water, wastewater or retention ponds. Good weather resistance even in cold weather. Available in 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, and 1” for a wide variety of aeration systems from small pond to large lake. Crash and kink resistant.

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