Customized for small hotel kitchen hrv fresh air supply ventilation system for hospital

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Product Overview


Product advantages


Smooth air duct:
Double S air duct design, smooth inner wall, low wind loss, reduce wind noise.
Sound insulation and low noise:
High-quality EBM fan, forward-inclined centrifugal design, large air volume, low noise.

Safety and lightness:
EPP environmental protection material shell is integrally injection molded, sound insulation and noise reduction, lightweight,thermal insulation, waterproof, anti-aging, and flame retardant.
Soft blowing:
High static pressure air supply, not afraid of dead ends, all-round air replacement, fresh all day.

Efficient purification and heat recovery

Double protection:Anti-mildew and anti-static(G4+H11)
Heat recovery:
Polymer Nanofilm:wasble,5 years life,99% antibacterial rate , grade 0 mildew proof.

Easy to install
Spare air outlet : Spare air outlet design, fewer bends in the pipeline, providing the best choice for the fresh air system.

Normal installation
There are many turns, and the wind resistance is large.
Flexible installation
Less winding, less wind resistance

This function is only for 250/280/350m³/h three type.

Easy maintenance
Bottom door opening design, easy to change the core.

LCD controller
Optional TVOC+PM2.5+CO2 sensor
4.0-inch touch screen
Full-color capacitive.
Standard TVOC+PM2.5+CO2 sensor
Air supply and exhaust vents is adjusted
Standard TVOC+PM2.5+CO2 sensor

Optional multi-function sensor can detect indoor air in real time (PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, temperature, humidity).
Standard 485 communication interface, can be connected to smart home.

Quality Assurance

Efficient configuration:
German EBM high-quality EC section has ultra-low energy consumption, long air supply distance, ultra-high efficiency, precise adjustment of air volume, simple control, and continuous operation life of up to 50,000 hours.
(The E series has this feature)
Micro positive pressure environment:
The air supply is always greater than the exhaust air, maintaining a slight positive pressure in the room, preventing dirty air from entering the room from the gap between doors and windows, and reducing wind noise by operating the air supply and exhaust ratio.
(The E series has this feature)

Safe and convenient:
The power supply voltage of the controller is 12V, which is more secure, stable and durable; just connect two wires, no need to
distinguish zero fire, simple operation.

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