Chinese mini folding woodworking cutting panel saw portable single phase wood saw machines cabinet for sliding table saw (1600549814664)

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Installation Instructions

1. Expand the panel saw and align it up and down, first connect the lower angle iron
and the frame with screws.

2. Put the machine head on the frame, align the optical axis with the slider of the
machine head, put it in the middle and then pass through the lower angle iron optical
axis support seat for 6 cm

3. Connect the upper angle iron and the frame with screws, pull the optical axis up
and pass it into the support seat, and tighten the optical axis seat screws with the
hexagon socket.

4. Align the notch on the top of the pressure rod with the slider nut on the cylinder,
cover one end first and then the other end, and fix it with the flattening screw. Put the
fixed pulley on the middle screw hole of the angle iron and align it properly, and fix it
with self-tapping screws.

5. Put the machine upright against the pillar or the corner of the counterweight iron
wire, and hook it on the machine head hasp from the back through the fixed pulley.
Attach the saw blade and pointer.

6. Connect the compressed air pipe to the electronic valve. The two adjustable exhaust
valves of the electronic valve can adjust the speed of the pressure rod pressing plate
and the speed of releasing the pressure rod.

7. Hang up the vacuum cleaner, put the vacuum cleaner tube on the vacuum hood of
the machine head, put the tube and wire together with tape, the tube is elastic, pull the
machine head up and down to make it slide freely, and it can work.

Products Description

Precautions for the use of panel saws
1. The machine must be grounded before starting. Carefully check whether the saw
blade pad, compression nut and screws in various parts are firm. If any looseness is
found, it should be tightened in time. When installing the saw blade, pay attention to
the cutting direction, which is irreversible.
2. First cut a small board and measure it with a ruler. If it is not accurate, fine-tune it
to avoid processing errors.
3. When cleaning the machine, inserting lubricating oil, disassembling and replacing
saw blades and removing sawdust, the power must be cut off first.
4. When cutting horizontally, the flat plate should be pushed smoothly in the cutting
direction, and no one should stand. The material of Party B will fly out and hurt
5. When a fault occurs, immediately cut off the power supply, stop the operation,
repair and adjust the machine, and do not operate with a fault.



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