Barite processing plant price for barium sulphate for paint for sale api 13a barite 4.2 Sell at a low price (1600549979723)

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1. Acid and alkali resistance;2. Insoluble in water and organic solvents;
3. An inert product with light and weather resistance;
4. Neutral color due to its low refractive index;
5. Very narrow particle size range is suitable for high gloss specifications;
6. Excellent wettability due to low specific surface area;
7. Due to low Mohs hardness, low wear during machining.

1.Oil drilling: Rotary drilling of oil and gas Wells circulates mud weighter, cools bit, removes debris, lubricates drill pipe, seals hole wall, controls oil and gas pressure, and avoids oil injection.
2.Chemical industry: Used for the production of BaCo3, BaCl2, BaSO4 Lithopone, Ba(OH)2, BaO and other barium compounds.Barium compounds are widely used
in reagents, catalysis, sugar production, prevention and control, fire prevention, all kinds of fireworks, coagulant synthetic
resin, plastics, pesticides, steel surface hardening, phosphor, flux, oil additives and so on.
3.Glass: Deoxidizer, clarifier and flux increase the optical temperature, gloss and strength of the glass.Rubber, plastic, paint, filler, fluorescent brightening agent, weight increasing agent.
4.Build: Concrete aggregate, paving materials:
1. The pipeline is hidden in a swamp of great pressure;
2. Used to replace Pbboard in nuclear facilities;
3. Atomic power plant;
4. Protective cover for X Radiation Lab;
5. Extend the road surface.

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Q1: Are you a manufacture or a Trade company ?
A1: We are professional manufacturer

Q2: Can your company provide OEM service?
A2: Yes,we can.

Q3: Is this price your real price?
A3: Price can be discussed, and we will give you the most affordable price, i suggest you contact us before you place an order.

Q4: How can we get the samples?
A4: Please let us know which item you want and qty, we offer the samples free of charge normally within 3days, you can use your own express account or prepay the courier charges to us.

Q5: What is the lead time of the mass production?
A5: Around 20days after receiving the deposit.

Q6: Do you inspect all your goods before delivery?
A6: Yes, we have complete quality control system and have 100% quality control before delivery.

Q7: Can you take payment through Alibaba and do trade assurance?
A7: Yes, we can approve it and do trade assurance.

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