Similar to Sikafiber Synthetic Polypropylene PP Macro Fiber for Concrete

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Synthetic polypropylene PP macro fiber. 
Briture Synthetic Macrofiber is made of Polypropylene.These fibers are wrapped in bundles of water-soluble film and packed in cartons. When used, just put the whole boxes of the fibers into concrete. The cartons and film are dissolved in water and the fibers are evenly dispersed in the concrete mixture. Available Length: 48mm, 54mm, 64mm...

1. All grades of concrete to provide good anti - fatigue, anti - shrinkage, anti - seismic and good
2. Simple operation, not easy to group, safety, reasonable price, cost .
3. It can be used in highly corrosive, humid
4. The surface has been embossed, which greatly improved the cohesive force between fibers and concrete, and also boosts shrinkage resistance and crack
5. The strength of synthetic macro fiber is not as strong as that of steel fiber, but the experiment shows that under the same conditions, each cubic meter concrete needs 3kg-6kg of synthetic macro fiber, while steel fiber needs 25kg-40kg. The results show that the concrete with macro synthetic fiber has better toughness and anti-microcrack Proposed Dosage, The dosage rate is dependent on the actual application however the minimum dosage range is 3kg/ m3-6kg / m3

Typical Application:
Shotcrete, concrete engineering, such as foundations, roads, Bridges, DAMS, especially in the deformation and toughness of the higher requirements of the project, such as mining and water conservancy and hydropower projects.

5kg/ box, 1200-1300kgs/pallet, 12800kgs/1X20`FCL, 25600kgs/1X40`FCL

Minimum tensile strength
>=550 Mpa
> 9000 Mpa. 
Fiber dimension
L: 48mm / 54mm/64mm, 0.55-0.60mm, W: 1.30-1.40mm
Melt point
170 C
Melt flow
acid&alkali resistance
Moisture content
<= 0%

0.0121 s.