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Product Overview


Product Overviews

Kaixiang Load banks can simulate real working conditions and provide a rigorous test regime for power supplies from 1kw -60MW .

Kaixiang load banks including variable resistive load ,resistive/reactive load at a variable or fixed power factor are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications .

Kaixiang Load banks are mounted in two styles,one designed for permanent installation,the other portable load banks with castor wheels for easy transportation .

Kaixiang Medium Voltage load banks ,typically above 1250Kva ,are housed in ISO type containers . Intelligent paralleling of load banks is available .Multi-Voltage load banks are also available for operation over a large voltage range .Special finishes including custom paint and stainless steel casings can be supplied .

At Kaixiang ,we can design and build a load bank to any voltage and frequency to meet customer specific requirements .

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Main Features

Control mode :

1.Local control Panel 

2.Remote controller 

3.Remote console (include control panel and PC control )

4.PC control 


Protection function :automatic load dump when temperature ,voltage ,current is over safety threshold .


Cooling : Air forced colling ,industrial heavy duty blower ,horizontal air intake ,horizontal /upwards outlets,low noise .


Resistive elements : manufactured from corrosion resistant alloy wire ,these resistive elements are fixed on patented composite insulating materials ,which provide superopr insulation and heat resistant


Weather-proof structure :containerized structure provides ultra protection with protection grade higher than IP55 .


Mateiral and coating :powder coated and spray-painted ,the load bank body uses cold-rolled steel plate with corrosion protection .


Integrated & modularized design :easy installation ,maintenance and transportation .


Resistive Load bank

Resistive load banks 

Voltage ranging from 110V-900V

1 phase or 3 phase ,50-60HZ

Capacity ranging from 1Kw to 60Mw

Multiple 1kW load steps 

Resistive elements made of corrosion resistant alloy wire 

Choice of conrol systems :manual or PC intellignet control 

Intelligent paralleling of loadbanks is available 

Portable or permanent models

Container packages from 1250kW and above 

Technical Data 

Model   CapacityPower FactorLoad VoltageDimension W*D*H (mm)Weight (kg)
AC400-20K  20KW


3 Phase 400V 50Hz/60Hz485x485x68030
AC400-100K100KW13 Phase 400V 50Hz/60Hz540x292x60435
AC400-500K500KW13 Phase 400V 50Hz/60Hz1460*1980*1800750
AC400-1000K1000KW13 Phase 400V 50Hz/60Hz1600*2400*21001500
AC400-2000K2000KW13 Phase 400V 50Hz/60Hz 5000
AC400-3000K3000KW13 Phase 400V 50Hz/60Hz6058*2438*25917000
AC400-4400K4400KW13 Phase 400V 50Hz/60Hz 8000




OEM Service

Note : Above data is for reference only .Other models with different KW/KVAR and voltage ratings are available on request .



On-site acceptance test 

Generator commissioning 

Routine maintenance of power systems 

To reduce "wet stacking ' problems 

Periodic exercising of stand-by engine generator  sets 

Load optimization in prime power applications 

Factory testing of turbines 

UPS system testing 

D.C. generator testing 

Battery system testing 


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