Высококачественный винт для нарезания, медные самонарезающие винты M4 * 7, медный винт

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Product Overview


Product Specification

Part No
Surface Treatement
Original Metal Color
Electrical Parts
Dimension L×D (mm)
Net Weight (g)

Product Highlights

Torque Reach 120 NM
Size Accuracy Within 0.1 mm
RoHS REACH Compliant

Even and Thick Carburized Layer
Reasonable Xylene Ammonia Emission
Anti Corrosion NSS 48 hours

Company Profile

Ampnect is professional provider for electric terminal, metal stamping parts, contacts, automatic lathe parts, mold design and production. Ampnect was founded in 2003, main production base is located in Foshan, Guangdong, the Vietnam factory is located in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ampnect main customers/industries are manufacturers/OEMs for switch socket, industrial control connector, electrical distribution system, home appliance, electrical appliances building and construction, etc.

Ampnect have been qualified as global supplier by tier 1 international brands such as Schneider, Siemens, Legrand, Media, Bull, etc. Ampnect is chosen because:
1. Efficient and stable automation integration ability.
Ampnect's chief engineer is automatic machine expert and dedicates into the metal making industry for more than 20 years, most of Ampnect's machine are designed or customized specifically in order to keep the stable, flexible, lean supply process.
2. A group of technicians with expertise in various fields closely cooperate with customer's technical team.
Ampnect's technician from various fields such as stamping, car manufacturing, automation, plastic, metal molds, product engineering etc., participate since product prototype definition phase througout the whole product lifecycle process to provide customers with stable quality, cost-effective solutions.
3. Precise mold design and making.
As a well known mold expert in the region, Ampnect provide mold design and making service to many hardware manufacturers in China. Ampnect's mold features with precise, effient, and good durability.

High speed: 700 pcs/hour
Automatic: material loading, turning, output, all automatic
High precision: tolerance within 0.05 mm
Large Capacity: 400,000 pcs/day
Cost effective, high efficiency
High speed: 400 punches/minute
Automatic: material loading, stamping, output, all automatic
High precision: tolerance within 0.005~0.1 mm
Large Capacity: 200,000 pcs/day terminals
Rinse-free, volatile fluid applied in stamping

High speed large capacity: 150,000 pcs/day, 4 cavities
Automatic detection of missing tapping
Deburring, Polishing and Rinsing
Deburring, rinsing 1 for 2, efficiency doubled
Ultrosonic rinsing available

High speed: 40,000 pcs/day automatic
Mold Making
High precision: surface smoothness 0.008~0.1 mm
Multiple cavities depending on the part specification

Mold Polishing

Packing & Delivery

Finished products will be packed in poly bag. 2000 pcs/bag
Poly bag packed in carton box. 20 bags/carton
Carton box packed on pallet. number of carton boxes is customized

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Q: What product can Ampnect produce?
A: Ampnect is a leading producer for precise hardware components and parts. The main processing methods are metal stamping, turn-milling and CNC. The finished products include precise hardware parts for sockets, switches, electrical equipment, power distribution systems, home appliances, windows, doors and furniture. Ampnect's products are mainly customized products integrated or assembled into the final product of customer.

Besides the hardware parts, Ampnect is a professional mold design and making provider, the high precision EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) make the mold with tolerance range within 0.01 mm, and surface is mirror-like. with the high precision mold, the accuracy of metal parts is well secured.

Q. What are the unique features of Ampnect?
A: After 15 year history in the hardware industry, Ampnect update brand new international image since 2020 providing unique value to customer:

Rich expertise in hardware design and production: Ampenect not only manufacture according to customer requirement, but also work closely with customer's design team to provide solutions in corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and shape optimization, this differentiate Ampnect from an ordinary supplier and become a professional partner

Global qualified supplier of international tier 1 brands: Ampnect's capability have been well acknowledged by the worldwide brands such Legrand, Siemens, Schneider, Media, Bull, etc. not only in China, but also set up the factory in Vietnam to supply Schneider Vietnam. Serving these customers means high standard in all aspects, price, efficiency, quality, customer services, it is challenging but also beneficial to our growth

Self mold design and making: Ampnect is well known as precise mold expert in the industry, hardware production must have precise and efficient mold, Ampnect also provide mold making service to other hardware manufacturers.

Self automation design and making: In Ampnect 80% of machine is self-designed or customized, that's why Ampnect's total production efficiency is 2 times higher than standard machine. Ampnect's automation engineer team is led by one of the co-founders, the continuous efforts on the optimization bring the improvement of efficiency.

Q. Can I customize the product?
A. Absolutely. We customize product according to your design and make your own brand logo. Actually OEM and ODM are our main business. Please refer to our working flow to get more details

Q. How can I know your production capability?
A. A series of video about our production, design, quality control are uploaded, you can easily view them in our Alibaba online shop, official website, Youtube channel, Linkedin page and other social media pages. We posted each process in separate videos in which you will see the full process. with these videos, you don't even have to pay expensive air ticket and spend much time, you will have a full knowledge of our capability.

Q. Can I have free samples?
A. We can offer samples for free, but the shipping cost shall be negotiated by both sides.

Q. What's the delivery time?
A. From our working flow, after the mold is confirmed, the mass production normally takes 15~20 days

Q. How to order?
A. Depends on the product, Ampnect provides 2 order flows for customers. One order flow is for existing product with mold, the other is for new product without mold. Please refer to our order process diagram for more details. Our customer service specialist will provide more details should you have more questions.

Order Process

First Order Process
First order definition: no existing mold available, no same product made before
This process is a regular process for majority of the scenarios. Ampnect will work closely with customer's technical team to start with design drawing, end with mass production with satisfactory specification
Estimated time for each step is shown in the diagram

Reorder Process
Reorder definition: mold was made, same product was supplied before, reorder to supply new batch
This process is a regular process in some scenarios. Ampnect has produced same product before, so no new mold is necessary. Once order is received, Ampnect will start mass production immediately
Estimated time for each step is shown in the diagram

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