Cheap icf block mesh block insert icf (1600553722484)

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Cheap icf block mesh block insert icf

Product Description

Introductions for the Cheap icf block mesh block insert icf:

Easy construction, fast splicing, easy to carry, heat preservation and cold resistance
It is suitable for convenient temporary housing such as earthquake-resistant disaster relief room,
field construction room, outdoor adventure room, and tourist camp room.
Brilliance camping module is a newly developed patented product. The module has a large thickness
and unique thermal insulation performance. It has its own card slot, which is simple and fast to connect. It
is suitable for temporary housing for inspection and construction work in the field and cold areas, tempo
rary housing for tourism, nursing room and other housings that need to be rapidly formed. It has the
characteristics of low cost, fast construction and comfortable living


Features about the Blocks icf block making construction eps icf block:
Features and scope of application
Simple construction, fast splicing, good thermal insulation effect and long service life.
Scope of application:
Thermal insulation fermentation tank, yurt, thermal insulation fish pond, sewage treatment tank.
170 arc module, 250 arc module, plug-in process, plug-in forming, engineering case
proper temperature
-150°C to 90°C medium and low temperature pipeline insulation

1. Low temperature pipeline insulation module, low thermal conductivity, good insulation effect, green and environmental protection, long service life:
2. The construction is simple, this product does not need to be bundled, no need to add oil sticky paper, no need to be dustproof, just use mortar to plaster the surface.

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Company Overview

Zhengzhou Huachen Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and promotion of
building energy-saving technologies and products. After several years of scientific and technological research and engineering practice, on the basis of giving full play to the excellent thermal insulation performance of Brilliance building energy-saving modules, it has successfully developed China's first " Micro Energy Consumption House It integrates the current advanced energy-saving concepts and technologies, and integrates solar photovoltaic power generation, breeze power generation, solar heating, and ground energy cooling technologies. The energy used in building heating, cooling and daily life is all renewable energy. , is a true "zero" energy consumption building. The surplus electricity can also be connected to the grid, bringing continuous benefits to users.

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