Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panel Roll Forming Machine

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C&Z Purlin
Stud and Track

Ridge Cap and Gutter
Floor Decking
Standing Seam

Slitting Line

2. Details

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panel Roll Forming Machine
The whole production process is automatically controlled by the computer. In this way, you can ensure accuracy and easy work.
Before production, you input your requirement into the control cabinet-for example, 3250 mm per piece, 20 pieces in total.
When the sheet comes to 3250 mm length, the machine will slow down-stop-cut-run again. When you get 20 pieces, the machine will entirely stop.

Loading capacity: 5T
Inner diameter: 470-530mm
Steel coil width :914, 1000, 1220, 1250 mm.According to your actual drawing.
Working speed: 0-15m/min, adjustable

Feeding table
It is used to control the width and position of the steel sheet.
The sheet is guided into the machine with correct position ,to make sure the panel is neat and parallel

Main frame
Material :350 H steel
Feature:more table, no shaking

Forming rollers
Material:High grade 45# steel.
Roller stations :11-24 stations, according to your actual drawing.

Control cabinet
Suitable power :
380V, 50Hz, 3 phase. Or according to your need.

The whole process is automatically controlled by the computer. In this way, you can ensure the accuracy and easy work.

3. Why Choose Us

fast driving system and fast cutting system
Our machine is equipped with fast driving system and fast cutting system. The production speed is much faster.
We invest more money into the machines, so you can get better components. In this way, we can insure stable performance and high quality.

High grade

Motorized cutting is 3 times faster than traditional hydraulic cutting.
you will greatly improve your actual production speed. motorized cutting has the following advantages.
1. Easy maintenance. no extra hydraulic pipes to make it a mess
2. Low noise. the hydraulic station keeps working even it is not cutting.
3. Clean. No worry for oil leaking and making your factory dirty

This fast drive improves speed to 25m/minute from normal 10 m per minute (not include cutting).
Increase your production speed for quick delivery to your customers.
the other benefit for high speed is to reduce labor cost. Now you can reduce
50% working time, and save 50% worker salary.

Our feeding table is a curved design. So the panel will be folded marks when feeding into the machine. There is handwheel to
adjust the steel bar, so you can adjust for different widths easily.

4. Product Applications

The advantage of IBR sheet includes beautiful, classical appearance and grace taste.
It is widely used in village, hotel, exhibition, vacation village, family construction and outdoor decorating.

5. About Us

Company Profile
1. Toppo Machinery starts roll forming machine in 1998.
2. We know well the requirements for the customers from different countries and have an outstanding
export team who will take care of your requests.
3. Our products have been sold worldwide in over 90 countries including America, the UK, Australia,
Argentina, Chile, Oman, India, Tanzania, South Africa, etc.

Sample Room
Stock for roll forming machine
Stock for auto purlin machine

CNC lathe
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7. FAQ

1. what is your guarantee period?
Guaranteed against malfunctions due to manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of loading.
2. Do you provide training for my workers?
The machine has been installed and tested well before shipping. It is easy to operate.
Normally speaking, our customer follows the instruction book and can operate the machine well.?
You can also come to our factory to check the machine and learn how to operate it before shipping. It only needs 2 hours and you
can operate well.
3. I do not know about the machine and do not know how to install it. Can you install the machine in my factory?
If you need us to send engineers to your factory, you will pay for the travel expense such as visas, round tickets, hotels, and
food Salary of 80 USD per day per person (from departure from our factory, until we are back to our factory). You also need to
take care of his safety.
4. What is included in the machine?
The process for work: decoiler→feeding→roll forming→measuring length→cutting to length→product to stand
The whole line includes a manual decoiler, roll forming machine, and product stand. when you get the machine in your factory, you
just need to do following 3 things, and then you can start working.
a. Put the machine on the flat level ground.
b. Inject gear oil and hydraulic oil.
c. Connect 3 phase electric wire.

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