GYID Electric Vehicle DC insulation monitoring device,to monitor the positive and negative insulation faults

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GYID series insulation monitor is used for real-time monitoring of the insulation resistance between the high voltage components (0~1000Vdc) and the chassis (earth) of the power battery pack (pure electric or hybrid) power supply system. The measurement technology used in this product can monitor the insulation faults on the DC side, the AC side and the motor side; it can simultaneously monitor the positive and negative asymmetric insulation faults and symmetrical insulation faults; it can monitor the internal insulation faults of the battery pack and locate the fault point; It can monitor in the case of short circuit on the high-voltage DC side; in the case of high-intensity interference, such as acceleration, deceleration, and energy recovery, it can also reliably monitor insulation resistance.



Monitor the insulation state of all internal Class Bvoltage(high voltage side)components of the 0~1000VDC DC floating system(IT system).
Measuring battery pack DC voltage
Continuous measurement of insulation resistance of 0~50MΩ
Communicate using the CAN bus interface



Monitor the positive and negative insulation resisitance separately
Monitor the total insulation resistance and report the location of the batterv insulation fault
Automatically adapt to existing systemYcapacitor CY(CY≤4uF)
High intemal resistance up to 10MQ
iniected sianalamplitude±15V
Fault responsetime≤5s
High and low voltage side isolation voltage 3500VDC/2500 VAC(rms)
With CAN Bootloader,upgrade program by CAN










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