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Quality Certification
Instrument classification
Class I
Safety standard
Product name
HCG Pregnancy Test
cassette/ strip/ midstream
Over 99%
Reaction Time
5 minutes
Individual Foil Pouch
Professional Testing

Product Description

product information
Name: pregnancy test pen
Shelf life: 2 years
Packing Specifications: One Pack
Matters needing attention: 1-5 minutes to read the results, and invalid after 5 minutes

Unpacking, product display
Open the cap

Test Methods

Test method one: Test method Two:
direct urine test Urine cup test

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Pregnancy Tips
Q1. When can I use the early pregnancy test strips?
A: Generally, the morning urine test should be used as early as 7 days after intercourse, 12 days after intercourse, or three days after menstrual period. The more accurate the test, the more accurate it is.
Q2. Why should the result be read in 1-5 minutes? Did the test results change?
A: The content of HCG in urine is different in different pregnancy stages and different disease states. The results with higher content are displayed faster, and two lines of positive results can appear in 1 minute, while when the content is lower, sufficient reaction time is required, and it takes 5 minutes for interpretation. Individual negative reactions may appear positive after 10 minutes or more, which cannot be used as a basis for judgment. Therefore, results should be read within 1-5 minutes.
Q3. Will taking the medicine affect the results?
A: General medicines (such as cold medicine, antibiotics, painkillers, etc.) do not affect the accuracy of the test, but injections or fertility drugs will affect the results
Q4. If the test result is positive, must it be pregnant?
A: Normally, a positive result indicates that the tester is pregnant, but the human body will have a positive result in the following situations:
1) If women have abnormal pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy, biochemical abortion, etc., please confirm with clinical test.
2) Patients with uterine tumors, moles or menopause may have positive results due to high levels of HCG in their urine. Please confirm with clinical experiments.
Q5. What is biochemical pregnancy?
A: Biochemical pregnancy is the most common type of spontaneous abortion for women after pregnancy. The main manifestation is that pregnancy indicators appear on the blood or urine. For example, two lines appear on the pregnancy test strip, and then suddenly drop after reaching a certain height. to normal. Many people don't take the test and don't even know they are pregnant. The amount of bleeding in biochemical pregnancy is average, and it is not much different from normal menstruation. When biochemical pregnancy occurs, you must go to the hospital for re-examination on time and pay attention to your body.
Q6. Can pregnancy test strips be used multiple times?
A: No, this product is for one-time use.
Q: 7 What should I do if I have doubts about the test results?
A: As long as you can see two lines, it is a positive result. If it shows a weak positive result, and you have doubts about pregnancy, you can test again with morning urine on the next day or every two days. If you are really pregnant, The HCG content in the body will gradually increase every day, and the reaction line in the detection area will be deeper.
Q8. The test result shows positive, what should I do?
A: It indicates that you may be pregnant. Please go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis. The doctor will give you further guidance, so as to ensure the health of you and the fetus earlier and better.
Q9. What should I do if the test result is negative?
A: If the test result is negative 12 days after intercourse, it means that you may not be pregnant. It is recommended to test again after a week. If the result is still negative, it can be confirmed that you are not pregnant. doctor

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