Emulsion Viscous blue liquid WATER and SOLVENT RESISTANT for screen printing (1600555106385)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Water&Slovent Resistant Diazo Type Emulsion
high resolution, soft once become film, to prevent infiltration of ink, suitable for solder resist printing. Good adhesive with silk, anti-adhesive tape rips pulls, wide serviceability.


Applied to precision line & dot printing such as PCB, LCD, FPC, advertising signs and decals.
● Conform to the European Union RoHS instruction 2.0 standard (European Union RoHS directive 2011/65 / EU)
● Remarkable moisture resistance, high solid content and the less coating times.
● It has high sensitivity and resolution which can make fine-lined and dot pictures.
● High speed of development, easy cleaning, good performance of picture representation.
● Good stripping performance can increase the times of re-use of the mask.


Viscous blue liquid
1kg/can           5kg/can
Weight of emulsion
900g                   4500g
Viscosity(B type Viscometer, 25 ℃)

Example of Exposure Time 
Second exposure after development can improve the printing plate rate.

Electron Microscope Photo 

How to use

(1) Photosensitization: Dissolve Photosensitizer-DIAZO in 70-100g water fully. Then put the dissolved Diazo into emulsion paste, stir with glass or wooden rod fully. Please use it after it finished antifoaming.
(2) Coating:Please use high quality scrap. Coating properties closely related to the size and tension of the mask. The printed materials affect coating times and the film thickness very much.For two more coating, please coat again when the former coating dry completely in
case the film falls off.
(3) Dry:The drying temperature must be controlled below 40°C. The higher temperature will produce thermal reaction and affect the plate-making effects.
(4) Exposure: The best light wave is 300-400 nm, the extra-high-pressure mercury vapor lamp and High iodine gallium lamp is the best choice.
(5) Development: Please use water cannon and spray gun flush the mask uniformly.
(6) Dry:Remove the mask surface’s moisture after development. Then dry it in the dry oven under 40°C. The mask should be dried completely otherwise the glue will fall.
(7) Second Exposure: The printing plate rate can be improved if ensure the S side exposure time is 1-2times of the P side.
(8) Hardening: After the mask completely dry, coat the A+B hardener on the P and S sides uniformly and use air gun to blow through the ink area after 1-2 minutes and dry 20-30 minutes. The above operating can improve the printing plate rate significantly.

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