Muffle Laboratory Furnace Chambers for Heat Treatment Ovens with Heating Elements (1600556121454)

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Muffle Laboratory Furnace Chambers for Heat Treatment Ovens with Heating Elements

YANWOOL high temperature furnace chambers are combined with the heating elements and insulations in one complete unit, these heaters are manufactured by high quality, high purity aluminum silicate fibers or polycrystalline mullite/alumina fibers, the max working temperature can be 1750℃/3182.

Temperature below 1250℃
If your working temperature less than 1250℃,kindly we recommend you use resistance wires as heating element, such as Kanthal wire, HRE wire, CrFeAl wire etc.

And for chamber types, usually have complete type by vacuum formed method, and assemble type by several pieces assembling together.

The insulation material is ceramic fiber bulk, like 1430 ceramic fiber bulk etc. Ceramic fiber chambers are light, temperature increasing fast, and energy saving can be 15-35%.

some box type complete chamber in stock
chamber size (L*W*H)
working temperature
200x120x80 mm
1.5 kw
220 V
200x150x150 mm
2.5 kw
220 V
300x200x120 mm
3 kw
220 V
300x200x200 mm
4 kw
220 V
300x300x300 mm
6 kw
220 V

Temperature 1250-1750℃
For this working temperature, have to choose silicon carbon rod or silicon molybdenum rod as heating element, all sizes heating rod can be customized.

The insulation material needs alumina fiber bulk, and usually outside add 1-2 layers ceramic fiber boards to get better thermal insulation and cool room temperature.

Alumina fiber materials will replace the traditional castable heavy materials step by step.

low operate cost, less maintenance
low heat loss, more energy efficient
increasing radiant energy, fast heat up
longer using life, greater productivity
better temperature uniformity
All kinds of lab testing equipment, industrial furnace, kilns etc, such as muffle furnace, tube furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, sintering furnace, drying oven, arc furnace, heater shapes, bottom loading furnace, crucible furnace, melting furnace, quenching furnace, hot press furnace.

Huzhou Yanwool Insulation Co., Ltd was founded in 2020, it is an international company integrating R&D, production, sales,
corporate consulting and technical services of aerogel thermal insulation materials, high temperature ceramic fiber refractory materials etc.

Yanwool mainly provides companies with related services, such as product sales, consulting, technical support etc. With our continues efforts, now days, we have already established a global sales network, customers covering Japan, Korea, Italy, UK, Germany, Vietnam, Philippines, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Canada, USA and so on, more than 160 countries.

We look forward to working with global customers to create a better future.

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