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Product Overview


Product Overview

Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying
The vacuum emulsifier introduces foreign advanced technology and is professionally designed according to the creaming process of cosmetics, food, and ointment products. Work platform and other parts. This unit is easy to operate, stable in performance, good in homogenization performance, high in production effect, easy to clean, reasonable in structure, small in area, and high in automation.

product details

Our company produces a wide range of vacuum emulsifiers. The homogenization system includes upper homogenization, lower homogenization, internal and external circulation homogenization. The mixing system includes one-way mixing, two-way mixing and spiral ribbon mixing. The lifting system includes single-cylinder lifting, which can be Customized according to customer requirements
1. The triple mixing adopts imported frequency converter to adjust the speed, which can meet the needs of different processes
2. The homogeneous structure is made by German technology. The machine adopts imported double-end mechanical sealing effect. The maximum emulsification speed can reach 3500rpm, and the high shear fineness can reach 0.2-5μm.
3. Vacuum defoaming makes the material meet the requirements of sterility, and vacuum suction of the material can avoid dust.
4. The main pot cover can adopt a lifting system, which is convenient to clean, and the cleaning effect is more obvious. The main pot can be used for inclined discharge
The pot body is welded with 3 layers of imported stainless steel plates, and the pot body and pipes are mirror polished, which conforms to the GMP standard.

Product selling point

1. The composite scraper stirring paddle is suitable for various complex formulas to achieve the optimized effect;
2. The PTFE scraper is matched with the stirring tank to scrape the viscous material on the boiler wall;
3. The homogenizer is installed at the bottom of the boiler to increase the motor power more thoroughly and powerfully. In small-scale production, it can give full play to the homogenization effect;
4. The powerfully balanced isotactic curved rotor cooperates with the stator of the corresponding structure to realize the efficient cutting, friction, and centrifugation of the liquid to ensure the cream is delicate and smooth; the surface of the pot and the pipe mirror polished 300EMSH (sanitary) meets the requirements of daily chemical and GMP.
5. Homogeneous vacuum emulsification mixer can choose frequency conversion timing homogenizer, the maximum speed is 4500 rpm

Product Paramenters

Working Volume(L)
Heating Method(optional)

Electric heating or steam heating


Company Profile

Guangzhou Chuangying Machinery Co., Ltd. is a complete equipment manufacturer specializing in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, daily chemicals and other industries. It provides customers with solutions for a variety of special applications to meet the diverse needs of customers. The company is committed to providing solid backing for enterprises in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries to become stronger and bigger.

The company is committed to bringing customers professional, innovative and perfect product experience. The main products are vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine series, high-shear liquid washing mixer series, RO reverse osmosis water treatment series, storage tanks, all kinds of cream, liquid, powder automatic and semi-automatic filling lines, various bottle presses Capping machine, capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer and other color cosmetics, perfume complete production lines, laboratory equipment, assembly line workbench, etc.

Based on the "customer-oriented" business philosophy, the company assists customers in on-site plant design and equipment selection, and provides customers with "one-stop intimate service" from product design and development, manufacturing, engineering installation, technical consulting to after-sales maintenance. . Continuously strengthen the R&D and innovation of core technologies, strict quality monitoring, and sophisticated testing procedures to ensure that every production line exceeds customer expectations.

"Insist on technological innovation, launch brand strategy, provide high-quality products, implement first-class service" is our quality policy and service tenet. Create brilliance together.

Our Factory


Q1: Are you a machine manufacturer or a trading company?
A1: We are a reliable machine manufacturer and can provide you with the best service. Our machines can be customized according to customer requirements. Welcome to join our factory!

Q2: How do you ensure the normal operation of this machine?
A2: Each machine is tested by our factory and other customers before shipment. We will adjust the machine to the best effect before shipment. During the warranty period, spare parts are always available and serve you free of charge.

Q3: How to install this machine after it arrives?
A3: We will send engineers overseas to help customers install, debug and train.

Q4: Can we select the language on the touch screen?
A4: No problem. You can choose Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Korean, etc.

Q5: How do we choose the machine that suits us?
A5: 1. Tell us the material you want to fill, and we will select the appropriate machine type for your reference
2. After selecting the appropriate machine type, please tell me the filling capacity of the machine you need
3. Finally, tell me the inner diameter of your container to help us choose the best filling head diameter for you

Q6: How do we guarantee the quality?
A6: Quality control based on ISO 9001 and GMP requirements, all processes under QA monitoring, and final inspection and testing before shipment

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