mycorhiza Mycorrhizal fungi (special for rooting)

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                                            Mycorrhizal fungi (special for rooting)


Product Description:

SukaAgri-F3009 /R mycorrhizal fungi is a symbiotic association formed by the interaction between specific fungi and the roots of specific plants, which contains a variety of high-concentration and high-activity non-pathogenic beneficial microorganisms. During the seedling stage of plants, fungi invade the epidermis of seedlings, and the plants supply nutrients necessary for the growth and development of fungi.The hyphae produced by fungi in turn transport the water and nutrients it absorbs from outside the plant root system. Fungi play the advantage of having a large extension range, while plants play the role of regulation and storage, thus promoting the growth of both sides.

The establishment of the symbiotic relationship between plants and fungi requires both processes and the cooperation of the environment. The probability of success will be reduced if the relationship is completed through natural processes. Therefore, conditions for symbiosis should be provided artificially, and the inoculation of mycorrhizal fungi is one of the effective ways.




Mechanism of action:

This product contains beneficial fungi that can grow inside and outside the root of the plant.These fungi are specialised organisms that match a large number of factors favorable to the host plants on which they depend.Fungi grow in the roots of the host plant and form a symbiotic relationship with the host plant.In fact, seedlings with these fungi in their roots grew faster and better after transplantation.Fungal symbionts gain protection and food from the plants, and the plants in turn reap a host of benefits, such as better phosphorus uptake, salt resistance, drought resistance, water balance, and improved plant growth.

Plants that have a symbiotic relationship with beneficial microorganisms are better at tolerating high soil temperatures, pathogens, and heavy metal toxicity.Vegetables, feed crops, flowers, trees and so on have special beneficial fungi.




1.Plant photosynthesis provides carbon source and energy for the growth and development of fungi.

2.The mycorrhizal fungi can increase the zone of the root zone, increase the absorption of water by the root system, improve the drought resistance ability of the plant, and improve the nutritional conditions of the plant.

3.Function of mycorrhizal fungi in plant absorption of nutrients: expand the root absorption range, improve the absorption rate of nutrients from soil solution.

4.It can promote the growth of nitrogen-fixing bacteria and phosphorus-fixing bacteria of rhizosphere microorganisms, and has a good effect on the nodulation of symbiotic nitrogen-fixing microorganisms.

5.Relation with plant diseases: this product can significantly improve the plant's resistance to disease.




Bacterial count: 3×109 CFU/R

Appearance: dark brown powder

Bouquet: Slightly fermented

PH: 6.5 to 8.0




The packing specifications of SukaAgri-F3009 /R are as follows:

l Powder: 1 kg/ plastic bag or 20 kg/ box or 20 kg/ woven bag

l can also be packaged according to your requirements.



Technical Services:

Shandong Sukahan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. will assist our users to use this product correctly.


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