Тестер твердости OLH110 Leeb, портативный тестер твердости в виде ручки, цифровой дисплей, умный тестер твердости Leeb

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Product Overview


Product Description

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Product Overview

    This instrument is a portable measuring instrument, which can measure the hardness of common metal materials quickly, without damage and with high accuracy. It can be used in both laboratory and project site. Through the instrument measurement condition setting, it can meet the needs of a variety of measurements. It is widely used in mold, heat treatment, machining, pressure vessel, auto parts, aerospace and other industries, as well as universities, scientific research institutes, technical supervision, special inspection institutes, etc. It is a necessary instrument for non-destructive hardness testing of materials.


Product Features

    1. The instrument is compact, convenient, and integrated design without connecting cables, which improves reliability.

    2. It can also be clearly displayed in direct sunlight, which is applicable to various light conditions without worrying about the strong outdoor light.

    3. The high-precision measuring circuit ensures the repeatability of the indication value ±0.8% (HLD=800).

    4. It supports a variety of hardness systems: HL, HV, HRC, HRB, HB, HS.

    5.  When the D-type impact device is used to test the "forged steel" sample, the HB value can be read directly without manual check. The upper and lower limit of hardness value can be set in advance, and the alarm will be given automatically when the hardness value exceeds the range, which is convenient for users to test in batches.


Product Technical Parameters

measurement direction

Support 360 º (vertical down, oblique down, horizontal, oblique up, vertical up)

Detection range



Hardness system

Leeb (HL),Brinell (HB),Rockwell B (HRB),Rockwell C (HRC), Vickers (HV),Shore (HS)

Indication error



Indication repeatability






Power supply

Rechargeable lithium battery


Industrial grade 128×64 graphic dot matrix OLED LCD

Continuous working time

About 20 hours

Working condition

Working temperature-10-50℃;Storage temperature:-30℃-60℃;Relative humidity≤90%;



Main application fields

  • mold cavity, heavy workpiece, large bearing and other parts.

  • failure analysis of pressure vessels, steam turbine generator units and their equipment

  • installed machinery or permanent assembly parts, workpieces with very narrow test space.

  • formal original records of test results are required.

  •  rapid inspection of multiple measuring parts in a large range of large workpieces.


Packaging & Shipping


1. Delivery Packaging

Packing in special wooden cases for export


2.Shipping & Delivery

It depends on your requirement. We offer as many shipping options as possible, we have cooperated with some transpotation companies and shipping companies. If you need, we can transport products to our country port or even shipping to your country port.


Our Services

1. Customer inquiries will be answered within 24 hours. The general problem will be solved in 8 hours. Our sales and technical staff will provide pre-sale and after-sale services to customers at the first time.

2. Some of our products can support remote control, we can also remote control to help customers solve software problems and software upgrade.

3. Establish a cooperative batch order with us. If necessary, we can arrange for technicians to come to the customer company for training in operation and common troubleshooting.

Company Information



1.     Q: How is your price compared with other suppliers?

  A:We are a manufacturer with high cost performance.


2.     Q:What are the advantages of your products over other manufacturers?

  A:Our products are superior to national standards.

3.     Q:What solutions can your manufacturer provide to customers?

  A:We can tailor-made, on-site solutions for our customers

 4.     Q:What kind of certificate you have?

         A:We have ISO, CE certification   , etc.

5.     Q:Where have you exported your equipment?

         A:We've already exported to more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America .etc.

6.     Q:How about your after-sale service?

         A:We will reply you within 24 hours by email or phone.

        If we have local agent, we will arrange him to your site within 24 hours to assist you to shoot the problem.




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