Automatic poultry farm equipment modern environment controlled chicken farm

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Chicken Farm Broiler Floor Raising Layout

1. Main Feed line system
Include PVC pipes, Augers, Motor,  Big Hopper and Feed Silo is optional 

Main Feed Line
#75 Auger from South Afria
#90 PVC Pipes
# Wanxin Brand Drive motor 
Feed Silo
From 5 tons to 35 tons is Optional.

2. Automatic Pan Feeding System
1) High-quality special driving reduction motor
Power: 0.75kw-1.5kw, 380v, 50hz, 3phase
2) V-shaped Hopper
Bin Volume: 115L, Hopper volume: 38L
Material: Hot-dip galvanized sheet
3) Feeder pan: 14/16 grills, different types pan is optional

3. Automatic Nipple  Drinking System
1) Drinking lines: 15nipples/3m, 12nipples/3m
2) Square pipes, Round pipes, Aluminium support pipes is optional
3) Pressure regulator: Good regulating stability,
high switching performance
4) Nipples can be movable in 360 degrees, easy to drink

4. Ventilation Fan System
1.  Box fan and Cone fan is optional
2. Size: 57inch, 54inch, 50inch, 36inch, 24inch is optional
3. Motor:  Siemens brand, WEG brand, Chinese brand is Optional
4. Blades:  1) material: NSDCC, Nylon, Stainless steel is optional 
                    2)3blades, 4 blades, 5 blades, 6 blades is all optional.

50inch Box Fan

Size: 1380*1380*440mm 

 Air flow: 44000 m3/h 

Motor: 1.1KW,380V,50Hz 

Blade: 1295mm

Belt: Mitsuboshi /PIX 

 Frame: 1.0mm
275g/sqm hot galvanized iron

50inch Cone fan

Air flow: 48900 m3/h 
Motor: 1.1KW,380V,50Hz 
Blade: 1295mm material: Nylon 
 Belt: Mitsuboshi /PIX
 Frame: 1.0mm  275g/sqm hot galvanized iron

50inch Box Fan
50inch Cone Fan 
Air Flow 
44000 m3/h
48900 m3/h
1.1KW, 380V, 50Hz
1.1KW, 380V, 50Hz
1295mm,  material:Nylon
1295mm, material: Nylon
 Mitsuboshi /PIX
Mitsuboshi /PIX
275gsm hot galvanized steel
275gsm hot galvanized steel

5. Cooling Pad System
 1. Four color can be choose: Brown, Green, Black, Brown&Green
 2. Three material frame can be choose:
    1) Aluminum Alloy Frame
    2) 430 stainless steel frame
    3)Galvanized steel frame
3. Plastic cooling pad is optional.

6. Air Inlet System

1. Size: 600*320*160mm, 690*310*160mm
2. Material: ABS plastic
3. Opening mode: Driving opening
4. Air flow capacity: 1800 m3/h-2000 m3/h
1. Size: 800*360*110mm, 1200*360*110mm
2. Material: ABS plastic
3. Opening mode: Driving opening
4. Air flow capacity: 3800 m3/h-5100 m3/h

7. Heating System
Gas heater, Diesel heater, Electric heater is all Optional

Gas Heater
1. Brand: Damly Brand
2. Heat power is 66KW
3.Blow fan motor is: 0.37kw, 220v, 50/60hz
Diesel Heater
1. Heat output: 38760 Kcal/h
2. Power: 250w, 220v/50hz
3. Airflow: 1100 m3/h
4. Tank Capacity: 53L
Electric Heater 
1. Heat Power: 5KW-30KW
2. Fan Power: 90w-550w
3. Air Flow: 1000 m3/h-5800 m3/h

8. Environment Control System
 1. Environment controller : Agrologic brand: T607, T616, ImagineII, AC2000 is optional
2. Control box inside component : Chinese famous brand: CHINT 
 3. Temperature sensor: 2 pcs Humidity sensor: 1 pcs

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