Best Bmi Body Analyzer Machine Portable Body Fat Composition Scales With Height

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Product Overview


The main parameters
Product model
Measurement techniques
Multifrequency biological resistance method
Eight electrode
Measurement frequency
20KHz, 100KHz
Measure parts
right hand, left hand, torso, right leg, left leg
Measuring project
Height, weight, fatless weight, body moisture, skeletal muscle, body fat mass, BMI, body fat percentage, waist-hip ratio, visceral
fat grade, basal metabolism, segmental muscle mass, segmental fat mass, muscle fat control, body age, and health score were
Function parameters
Operating system
Android system
Data storage
Local storage of more than 120,000 copies
Display mode
10.1 inch color multi-touch screen (resolution: 1280*800)
Login mode
ID card and code scanner
Printing method
Thermosensitive cutting knife printing, support external A4 printing
Boot time
≤30 seconds
Voice function
Voice guide function
Measure the height
Measure the weight
3 to 99 years
Measurement mode
Self-help measurement
The other parameters
The power supply
100-240 - V ~;50/60Hz
Equipment weight
Equipment size
62.5*40.5* 237.5cm
External interface
RJ45, USB,
Use ambient temperature
+5 ~ 40%, humidity 15 ~ 93% (no condensation)
Save ambient temperatur
-25 ~ +70%, humidity ≤93% (no condensation)

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SONKA Features Advantages


Best Bmi Body Analyzer Machine Portable Body Fat Composition Scales With Height

What's the Main Features on This SK-X9L?

BIA Body Composition Analyzer with higher accuracy 10Ohm.CE Approved.

Medical EMC(YY0505-2012 )->Safe and no Radiation.Can compatiable A4 printer, don't connect the printer via computer anymore.

This is a professional
BIA body composition analysis model with 8 Electrodes 3D scanner, it includes functions:

No Estimations:Only impedance is used to calculate your results, no sttistical data needed

20~35 Seconds: Take a quick and easy body composition body water test.

Lean Mass: Body Segment in pounds.

Body Fat:Provides segmental fat and visceral fat analysis

Body Water:Full-page results sheet on solely

History:Track your progress with the body sompostion and body water history charts

Segmental Data:Provide segmental ICW,ECWand ECW/TBW values.

Research:Provides leg lean mass,phase angle,reactance,TBW/LBW

What is the Benifit for the SONKA SK-X9L BIA Analyzer?
Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) can analyze body composition by detecting bioelectrical impedance by placing electrodes on the surface of the body and obtaining relevant physiological information. BIA is a relatively convenient, fast, non-invasive and accurate measurement method.

What is the SONKA SK-X9Lof 8 Electrodes Scan Method?
The eight-electrode measurement adds four electrodes on the handle. By contacting the eight electrodes on the scale surface and the handle respectively, the human body bioimpedance of a total of 6 circuits between hands and feet can be measured, which can distinguish body parts and give fine fat, Body data such as skeletal muscles

What's the Advantages of SONKA SK-X9L8-Electrode Measurement?
The eight-electrode measurement method can measure body fat, skeletal muscle and other data in sections, and can more clearly understand the distribution of body fat and skeletal muscle, and obtain more detailed and comprehensive body data.

Moreover, compared to the four-electrode measurement, the eight-electrode can truly measure the body data of the whole body, and the overall index results such as body fat rate and skeletal muscle are also closer to the actual level of the human body.

->Kindly note:If you don't require the IC Card function (or QR Code),Height scale,please click SK-X90 here.

New USA body 3D Scanner Segmental Body Composition Analyzer 8-Electrode Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

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