CRBC8016 Top Quality Swing Bearing Crossed Roller Bearing

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CRBC8016 Top Quality Swing Bearing Crossed Roller Bearing
JRA series crossed roller bearing is designed with integral inner ring and split outer ring to reduce the thickness of inner and outer ring to the minimum of 16mm. The ultrathin crossed roller bearing includes three product models which have same dimensions while different types of outer rings: JRA series crossed roller bearing is designed with horizontally split outer ring, JRA-C series crossed roller bearing with vertically split outer ring and JRBS series crossed roller bearing with integral outer ring.These compact crossed roller bearings are suitable for applications where limited space and light weight are required, such as rotating parts in industrial manipulators and robots.

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Luoyang City,Henan Province,China
12 Months

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LYJW high-precision bearings are cross roller bearings, YRT turntable bearings, robot bearings, and harmonic drive cross roller bearings. The leading products are crossed roller bearings RB, RE, RU, RA, CRBC, CRBH, XSU, SX series, turntable bearings YRT, YRTS, YRTM, ZKLDF series, crossed tapered roller bearings XRT series, crossed rollers for harmonic drive Bearing. The accuracy grades are P5, P4, P2, and the inner ring size ranges from 10mm to 1500mm. It has the characteristics of high precision, high load, high speed, long life and more convenient maintenance. Our products are most suitable for applications such as joints and rotating units of industrial robots, rotating tables of machining centers, precision rotating tables, medical equipment, measuring instruments, and IC manufacturing machines.


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Q1: How to deal with the nosie generated during the operation of the bearing?
A1: (1) noise caused by Dust: Before installing the slewing bearing we must clean bearings, shaft, housing bore and parts strictly.
(2) Noise caused by insufficient lubrication: choice the Suitable lubricants for slewing bearing and filling the right amount of lubricant.Finally periodic replacement lubricant.
(3) Noise caused by the crack of slewing bearing'sraceway surface: When installing the bearing do not knock it.during the period of Inventory and transportation.we must use the high viscosity grease for slewing bearing .

Q2: Why is the bearing temperature too high?
(1)Lubricating oil doesn’t meet the quality requirements or goes bad,so that the oil viscosity is too high;
(2)Lubricating grease is filled too much;
(3)Bearing preload is too large;
(4)There is cooling problem in Spindle.

Q3: How long is your bearings' useful life ?
The service life of slewing bearing is related to the use of the environment, load, speed, lubrication, the accuracy of the seat frame and the maintenance.The rated service life of the slewing bearing is in 60000 hours to 100000 hours.
CRBC8016 Top Quality Swing Bearing Crossed Roller Bearing
Q4: When can I get the quotation?
A:usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price,please call us or tell us in your e-mail so that we will regard your inquiry priority.

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