High Vacuum Dehydration Degasification Insulating Oil Filtering Machine Transformer Oil Purification Plant

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Product Overview


 High Vacuum Dehydration Degasification Insulating Oil Filtering Machine Transformer Oil Purification Plant




Product Description



This machine can quickly remove the water, gas, and other contaminants such as solid particles in the waste insulating oil, transformer oil, capacitor oil, switch oil, mutual inductor oil, etc. The breakdown voltage of the oil after processed can be improved by 35KV or above just for one-time. It is mainly suitable for the power transmissions equipment whose voltage is 110KV or above.

oil purifier application





Fast moisture, gas and particles removal from transformer oil, mutual inductor oil, cable oil and circuit breaker oil, etc. and restore insulating oils properties.


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Oil pump: to help the oil flow into the machine

vacuum pump, roots pump: make good condition for the vacuum chamber for better remove water and gas

vacuum chamber: the machine adopts larger vacuum dehydration and degassing area to increase vacuum dehydration and degassing time so that can remove water and gas more thoroughy.

condenser: to cool the oil vapor from the vacuum chamber

Three-stage oil filters, i.e. primary filter, secondary filter and fine filter: to filter out the solid and suspended particles in the oil.


 Technical Parameters



Flow Rate (L/min)


Working Vacuum


Working Pressure


Working Temperature


Continuous Working Hour


Trouble-free Working Hour


Power Supply


Residual Water


Impurity Size


Residual Gas


Cleanliness Degree(NAS)




Working noise


Heating power


Total power








Company Information

Chongqing Blossom Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Chongqing, one of the municipalities directly under the central government. The main products include instrument and apparatus, mechanical machinery such as liquid purification equipment, etc. The equipment is widely applied in construction, petroleum, mechanical, ships, pharmaceutical, lab test and edible oil processing, etc.


Process from manufature to installation

3000LPH Vaccum Dehydration Degassing  Enclosed Transformer Oil Filtration Machine


  Lab Oil testers

Our Laboratory Equipment







Packaging & Shipping

1. Outside package: Standard export packing or neutral packing if needed, carton box, wooden case or upon request, packing carefully.

2. Inside package: strength film and foams.



Shipping Method: Air / Sea / Express(UPS, FEDEX, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc)


(Note: we can provide special packages according to buyer’s requirements.)




 1. What's the payment method?

Payment can be done by cash T/T, L/C, Western Union, Alibaba Trade Assurance,etc.


2. How long is the delivery period?

Generally it takes about 10 working days for production and then the delivery will be done timely.


3.What's the package made of?

The package is made of international export standard wooden case.


4.What's the delivery method?

By train, by air, by sea, by truck, by express(TNT, DHL, FedEx, Ups, etc).


5. How long is the guarantee period?

The guarantee period is 2 years due to the product quality problems itself.


6.What services can you provide?

Online support through email, telephone, Whatsapp or other communication method; onsite taining and installation if you need; filed maintenance and repair, technical video support, etc


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