Factory Halogen-free PP flame retardant Short fiber-reinforced

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Product Overview


1.Halogen-free high efficiency PP flame retardant QB-T03 is a new type of high efficiency reactive flame retardant specially
developed for halogen-free PP flame retardant, adding proportion of 8-10% . Through the reaction kettle N(nitrogen) combined into P (phosphorus) elements, after the compound process prepared. Mainly used for homopolymer PP flame retardant modification, can process film, spinning, electrical shell, etc
2. QB-T03 can meet IEC 61249-2-21 :2003,IEC 61249-2-21 standard for halogen free
3. The cost is lower than intumescent halogen free flame retardant.
4. Non- blooming

1.Storage: store about 6 months under cool and dry area.
2. The flame retardant master material will decompose and volatilize for a long time in the barrel, and the barrel needs to be
cleaned thoroughly during intermittent production

1. Appearance: White powder
2. The Content of Phosphorus: 30%
3. The Content of Nitrogen: 23%
4. Content of Oxygen:15%
5. The Content of hydrogen:16%
6. Weightless temperature ℃ ≦0.3%
7. Decomposition temperature ℃TGA(5%): 280 ℃

 Flame retardant
General level
Electronic products
 General impact strength
 Incharge of PA6
Meet IEC61249-2-21:2003,IEC 61249-2-21 requirement of halogen free

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