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Hennessy PURE WHITE Cognac 700mL

Product Description:

This distinctive white cognac is comprised of Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois regions
Hennessy Pure White is on the market for some while in the Caribbean (Bahamas, Antigua, Aruba, Jamaica) and some countries in Europe. The bottle states that it is made from “the finest white grapes” and that it expresses the “qualities of the white wines from which it is produced.” The classic white “Cognac” grapes: ugni blanc, folle blanche and colombard find their way into nearly all cognacs. So, there is nothing special here.

The different thing about this Cognac are it’s flowery and sweet fruity aromas, it’s very different to the Hennessy Black or the Hennessy VS. The bottle-design is also very different than the Cognac-bottles we usually see, quite a refreshing design. Hennessy used a screw-cap instead of a cork, because a cork could leak after some while, if you store it in the freezer.

Most of todays Cognacs are chill-filtered, also this Pure White. When you chill filter a spirit, you filter out some of the heavier ‘fats’ which provides a richer flavors. These fats will cloud up when the spirit is chilled, so for purely cosmetic reasons these fats are filtered out.

The brandy base ranges in age between 15 and 50 years. The fat bottle belies a skinny package as it contains 70cL, 1.69 ounces shy of the universal 750mL liquor bottle. The punch it packs, however, remains at a familiar 40% alcohol by volume. To enjoy the aromas of Hennessy Pure White, let the bottle cool in ice for a while and drink it on the rocks in a tumbler or as a long drink. Also the mix-ability in cocktails (especially the tropical ones) is noteworthy.


The tasting notes of the Hennessy Pure White Review are:

The color: bright honey, much lighter than the Hennessy VS or VSOP.
The nose: simple, not too aggressive, very subtle; even a full inhale revealed a very gentle fruit and flower bouquet.
The taste: an easy drink, very fresh and smooth with flowery and sweet fruity notes.
The aftertaste: short and simple with lots of sweet tones.
The age:  between the 15 and 50 years, it tastes much younger….
The origin: Grande Champagne Cognac, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois.

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