12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V gel li ion lifepo4 battery active balancer battery equalizer

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For Buyer

For Buyer


As we know ,we got the battery cell in hand ,but it's hard to test the battery capacity (ah) easily ,
it's knowledge to people that good quality battery having a closer volt difference.perfect performance in resistance.

Also due to chemical of lithium ion /lifepo4/lto batteries withstand high charge and discharge current

than lead acid batteries, more active ,it's knowledge to people that my diy/assembled/high volt battery pack

required a battery management system,that's where active bms and passive bms existed on market .



Passive bms(PCB/PCBA type): Like Daly /Jiabaidai/peicheng and ther Brand Bms

Passive bms (With CAN/RS485/BMU/BIU /Relay controll battery system) :Like Daly /Jikong/Peicheng/

ant/other brand

Active bms (inductance type /resistor type ):QNBBM/Jikong/HELTECH/Victron /Taico /other brand

Wanna more advices and solutions, contact me directly without worries ,my friend:)

What qnbbm balancer do ?

1.Balancing battery volt of each cell automatically 24 hours ,easy installation /hook up

2.After balancing ,volt differences could be within 5-10mV for lithium type battery ,

10-20mV for lead acid batteries

3.No waste energy ,energy transfer & dynamic, make sure pack in health statues like always

4.Battery volt of each cell with high consistency ,make sure battery capacity ah maximized used,

extended battery span-life apparently

5.No battery series /parallel limitation due to strong balance current

6.No capacity limitation ,withstand low temp ,wide use application

7.With stock,avalibale model : 2v /6v/12v lead acid battery balancer ,


2V Lead acid  BMS GEL Flooded agm opzv battery balancer extend lead acid battery life span
6V Lead acid  BMS GEL Flooded agm opzv battery balancer extend lead acid battery life span
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lto car audio battery equalizer active lithium cell balancer

Products Model 

 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V gel li ion lifepo4 battery active balancer battery equalizer



85*49*25cm  0.2kg/pcs





Suitable Battery Type



Balancing volt range of each S



Volt difference after balancing 



Balance Current 

Max 10A


Approved Certification 

CE/USA Patents/China Patents


Storage/working  Temprature

-40 to 80 °C/ -40 to 100 °C




Active Balancing Tech:


Matching the SoC of each cell. Active cell balancing redistributes charge during the charging and discharging cycle, unlike

passive cell balancing, which simply dissipates charge during the charge cycle. Thus active cell balancing increases system
run-time and can increase the charging efficiency. Active balancing requires a more complex, larger footprint solution;not a very cheap solution


Fast delivery /With stock /ready to shipment /looking for distributors

Balance current depends on Battery capacity (AH)/Volt differences/Length of balance cable/lead wire

If you got any problems/issues/please contact us ,we got experiences after service team


Buyer Show

Buyer Show

Concerns regading Battery Management concerns :

Why my battery with weak balance?/Why my battery can not fully charged ?/How to revive my battery ?/What is good for my battery pack ?/How to save my cost /time?/How to extend my battery span-life? /Passive bms good or active one good?/Can bms use in series?

Fifty -fifty ,you can try active balancers/Equalizer/BMS/ ,it can work with your existing bms system


How to choose balancers to protect /balance my lead acid battery pack ?

1.Comfirm Battery Type

Lead Acid type: comfirm volt of each cell , 2V choose 2V balancers ,6V choose 6V balancer .

2.Count how many series of your finished pack ,series of pack =S of balancer

3.Choose Led /without led option (Led can show how balancing working , suit for starter/new bird


How to choose balancers to protect /balance my lithium/lto.. pack ?

1.Comfirm Battery Type: Lithium balancers universal to lipo, lifepo4, polymer,ncm,nickel,super capacitor

2 Count how many series of your finished pack ,series of pack =S of balancer

3.Choose suitable module for your system ,lithium balancers got 1S/3S/4S/5S/6S/7S/8S version

For example: 12S pack , u can use 12pcs 1S version , or 3pcs 4S ,or 2pcs 6S balancer module

4.Noted balancer module without cable included


About US

About US

Benbv was established in 2021, Main products range:Lithium ion battery /LiFePo4 battery /lead acid batteries/BMS/Battery balancers/Chargers/OBC chargers /DCDC converters/Connectors ,
we are passion about everything related to electric power system and ev car parts

Working culture : Benbv pronounced same to "benbang" in chinese, to express our original intention "Help others from inner heart" ,we admire the relationship that we can meet & work and grow up together ,and dedicating to offer quality products to all customer by Sincerely Encouraged by Listening and Loving

Thanks for reading :) Hope we can be friends .Know more about us


About Shipment

About Shipment

Express Shipping

2.HK UPS/FEDEX/DHL (Cheaper ,and tracking records trackable until package arrived in HK office

3.Tax included series (Air express)

Sea Freight Shipping

1.FOB/EXW/CIF Terms shenzhen/shanghai/zhejiang
2.Sea + End shipping company delivery to your door

3.Tax Included (Russian/AU/EU/USA ):Sea/Railway +Door to door (About save tax)


Products Lead time Overview

Products Lead time Overview

Battery Balancer

3 business day /Volume order :7-10days


OBC Charger

7-10days (Stock then 5 business days)/ Volume order: 15days


Battery BMS

3 business (with stock ) 7-15days (peak purchase time)


DCDC Converter

3 -5 business day /Volume order: 7 days


Lithium ion battery 

5-7 business day (with stock )





12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V gel li ion lifepo4 battery active balancer battery equalizer


Factory Overview

Factory Overview

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