The latest development of tin paste blender with speed display MU-580 You can adjust the speed, you can display the speed

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Product Overview


The latest development of tin paste blender with speed display MU-580

Product Description


Model: NSTAR-600

1. Product specification:

Product model: zd-680          Running speed: 300-1200 (RPM)

Operation mode: LCD touch screen (resistive) main control

Unit: arm cortex microprocessor

Input voltage: AC220 V         Input power: 80 W (maximum)

Product size: 450x400x436 (L * w * H / mm)

Net weight: 40kg

Use environment: temperature - 10 ℃ - 45 ℃, humidity < 90%

Storage environment: temperature - 20 ℃ - 60 ℃, humidity < 90%

2. Product features
2.1. Touch screen interface, Chinese / English bilingual intelligent switching;
2.2. Flexible selection of operation modes such as forward rotation, reverse rotation and alternate forward and reverse rotation;
2.3. New digital setting, accurate setting of running speed and time, real-time display of running status;
2.4. Intelligent diagnosis, automatic shutdown and reminder after operation, and automatic shutdown alarm when abnormal;
2.5. Safety protection, cover opening or emergency stop, stop operation immediately and give an alarm;

3. Safety precautions:
A. Please confirm whether the voltage is consistent with the working voltage when ordering.
B. Please use a power supply with ground wire protection. When loading and unloading materials, please ensure that the equipment is shut down.
C. Please try to place the equipment in a flat and stable position before using the equipment.
D. Do not touch the transmission part after the equipment is started to avoid personal injury.
E. Please prevent children or other irrelevant personnel from operating or touching the equipment




 MU-580 (1).jpg MU-580 (2).jpg MU-580 (3).jpg MU-580 (4).jpg MU-580 (5).jpg MU-580 (6).jpg MU-580 (7).jpg MU-580 (8).jpg MU-580 (9).jpg4.png5.jpg






Q1:Do you have your own R&D team?
A1: Yes, we can customize products as your requirements.

Q2: How’s the package?
A2: Boxes
Q3: How’s the delivery time?
A3: It depends on the quantity you need, 1-5 days usually.

Q4:Does the machie require conuter weight adjustment?

A4:Don't need

Q5:The rotation speed can be adjusted?

A5:Yes,It can be adjusted.

Q6:The machine uses 500ml containers or 300ml capacity?

A6:Our machine uses 500ml

Q7:If we just use one container, do we require counterwieght for unbalanced load?

A7:While stirring one solder paste, we will give you a counterweight. You need to put the counterweight into it.

Q8:60w motor is enough to spin 1000g x 2?




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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details

1.Wooden Case your order


Lead Time :

Quantity(Pieces)1 - 1010 - 2020 - 50>2000
Est. Time(days)152035To be negotiated




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