Hot sales 2022 Pork stewed in a tin can with a key high quality product for camping and hiking

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Hot sales 2022 Pork stewed in a tin can with a key high quality product for camping and hiking

Are you going on a hike or a picnic!? Then taking a few cans of pork stew in a jar that is easy to open, and which will not break and will not stain all your equipment is a good idea.

And besides, it can become a good "aperitif" in anticipation of a barbecue. After all, it's enough just to warm up the stew directly in the jar and in a few minutes already enjoy the fragrant pork, which we packed especially for you.

And the presence of fresh onions, black and allspice, salt and bay leaf in the composition will allow us to use our stew as a basis for making soup. As they say - just add water.

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Our Company

Oirat - farm products

We produce frozen semi-finished products and canned meat of premium quality from meat of animals grown in a natural way, on pasture (grass) fattening in ecologically safe areas of the Republic of Kalmykia

Our company is a small family business. Founded in 2003. in 2010, it began to produce traditional Kalmyk semi-finished products, and in 2016, canned meat of premium quality. We have exhibited our products at international food exhibitions more than once, where we received Gold medals for the high quality of our products.

So at the Prodexpo 2022 exhibition held in Moscow, our stewed pork was awarded the title of "The best product of 2022". In April of this year, our company won the Best Agricultural Project of Russia national award "Business Success".

Our company very carefully monitors the quality of products, scrupulously select spices, and packaging. Our credo is quality, environmental and food safety.


From the meat of which animals do you produce your products?
In production, we use the meat of various traditional farm animals that are grown naturally on pasture fattening. Their diet has never included growth hormones, genetically modified organisms. These animals were not kept in a stable and preventive treatment with antibiotics was not carried out.

What is the advantage of the traditional Kalmyk cattle breed?
Probably need to expand the answer a bit!? Kalmyks - in the past, a nomadic people who in the 17th century came to the area where they live now. They brought cows, bulls and sheep with them. These animals are well adapted, not demanding of food, and very hardy. They are also able to get their own food from under the snow. And due to the fact that a sharply continental climate prevails in Kalmykia, very little or no snow falls in winter. This allows you to keep animals on pastures for a whole year. And thanks to the ability of these animals to accumulate fat between the fibers of meat, it gives it a unique taste and aroma.

What recipes do you use in production?
We carefully collect traditional recipes of Kalmyk, Caucasian and European cuisine. Our main task with the help of spices is only to emphasize the quality and taste of natural meat. Nature has already done everything else for us.

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