Wanfeng China Steel Billet CCM/steel Billet Continuous Casting Machine hot sale in West Asia and Africa market

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This machine is full arc continuous casting machine. The mould secondary cooling device and tension leveling equipment of full arc continuous casting machine are arranged on 1/4 radian of a circle. The casting billet forms an arc in the mold, moves along the arc track after being pulled out, and is cooled by water spray until it is completely solidified. The fully solidified casting billet is straightened at the horizontal tangent point, and then pulled out of the continuous caster to cut into a fixed length and output from the horizontal direction.

1) Because it is arranged in the 1/4 arc range, its height is lower than the vertical and vertical bending type, the weight of the equipment is lighter, the investment cost is lower, and the installation and maintenance of the equipment is convenient.
2) Due to the low height of the equipment, the static pressure of molten steel in the solidification process of the billet is
relatively small, which can reduce the internal crack and segregation caused by bulge deformation, and is conducive to improving the drawing speed and the quality of the billet.

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Melting furnace

Continuous Casting Machine

Full Tandem Rolling Mill

Metallurgical Crane

         Angle Profile                  Square Billet                      Round Bar                           Rebar


LUOYANG WANFENG INDUSTRIAL FURNACE CO.,LTD. was founded in the year 1990 and we are professional industrial furnace manufacturer which is special skilled in inductotherm furnace. Nowadays LUOYANG WANFENG has gained International Quality Management System Certification ISO9001. Caused by with own imp. & exp. License, global market occupancy rate of our furnaces increased progressively.


With more than 25 years experience and great efforts , LUOYANG WANFENG has bloomed into a comprehensive enterprise with production capacity in manufacturing various specifications of Intermediate Frequency Induction Melting Furnace, IGBT Melting Furnace, Industrial Heat Treating Furnace, Induction Heating(Diathermy, Quenching and Welding), Cooling Equipment, Dust Removal(Collection) Equipment, Electrolysis, DC Speed Regulation System, Electric Control and etc.. 

        Meanwhile we have received also good reputation for Super Audio Frequency Induction Furnace(used in mini melting or heating), Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace, Sintering Furnace and so on. Besides main products ranges, in order to better serve customers, we are also distributor of selling corollary equipment of industrial furnace such like Electric Transformer, Laboratory Equipment, Sand Mixing Machine, Shot-blasting Machine, Steel Ladle and so on. 

       In recent years, under the call of B&R initiative and supporting of special tax policy, LUOYANG WANFENG had exported our furnaces to Russia, Korea, Africa and Southeast Asia. To meet international market demands, we provide project turnkey service. It's including: planning site, customized proper furnace solution, installation and test, free training operators for customer, transfer the possession of producing technology and etc.. For now hot sale is as following: oxygen-free copper rod continuous up-casting furnace; steel bar rolling mill line.

  LUOYANG WANFENG always insist on own company tenet "Only high quality can satisfy our customers". For ensure high quality, we have built no-load testing laboratory with highest standards. We test not only each specifications data, but also withstand voltage and thermal stability of every electronic component. Due to strictly control in and out process, so fault rate is extremely low. But we are not so easy to be satisfied with this, then we have also organized an excellent technical adviser team serving for after sales and when anytime needs, you can leave messages or call them directly, they will connect with you back less than 12 hours and you will get technical guidance and solutions for solving equipment problems within 24 hours. LUOYANG WANFENG devote ourselves to keep your producing line in normally working.


1. Our workers are not professional and have no idea about how to use induction furnace. What can you help for us?

An:You will enjoy WANFENG overseas turn-key project service, inclusive free training 2 operators.Your workers will learn about how to operate and how to maintenance WANFENG induction furnace in daily.

2. What's your power supply? Using electricity or others?

An: Using electricity as power for induction furnace.

3. How about your package? If broken,how to deal with it?

An:All your equipment will fixed by steel wires in the container. If broken, you will get needed spare parts for free.

4. Your e-store at Alibaba.com is newly opened. How to trust on your company and equipment?

An: We have 28 years experience in manufacturing industrial furnace with Chinese legally business license. When you visit us, you have chance to visit WANFENG furnace application situation of our customer cases nearby factory.WANFENG industrial furnace has already exported over 10 years by other trading company.So based on above reasons, you can trust on our company and equipment totally.

5. Can you offer OEM service?

An: Absolutely yes, after getting your brand mark authorization we love to offer OEM service for you.

6. How about your quality?

An: We have built higher standard no-load testing system to control quality. QC team always strictly test each parts of equipment.The whole sets can be loaded only when every parts of equipment has pasted test successfully. Our target is ZERO risk at quality.

7. How long is delivery time?

An: 7-14 days for available in stock; 30-45 days for customized. Delivery time is also determined by quantity of ordered equipment. Final delivery time is up to sales contract.

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