MCX4121A XCAT Big Data Application Storage Server Network Card High Bandwidth Low Latency Ethernet Adapter Card (1600561406765)

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Connect X-4 Lx EN MCX411A-XCAT network interface card, 10Gb/s Ethernet connection, to meet the challenges of virtualized infrastructure, providing best-in-class and highest performance for a variety of demanding markets and applications. Provides true hardware-based I/O isolation for Web 2.0, cloud, data analytics, database and storage platforms for unmatched scalability and efficiency for the most cost-effective and flexible solution.

Connecting the X-4 Lx EN Ethernet Adapter Card
As data usage grows exponentially and new applications are created, the need for the highest throughput, lowest latency, virtualization and sophisticated data acceleration engines continues to rise. ConnectX-4 Lx EN enables data centers to leverage the world's leading interconnect adapters to improve operational efficiency, increase server utilization, maximize application efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).
ConnectX-4 Lx EN adapter cards offer a combination of 1 and 10 GbE bandwidth, sub-microsecond latency, and 75 million packets per second message rate. They include native hardware support for RDMA through Converged Ethernet (RoCE), Ethernet Stateless Offload Engine, Overlay Networking, GPUDirect Technology, and Multi-Master Technology.

1/10 Gb/s speed
Single and dual port options
Low Latency RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
Multi-host technology to connect up to 4 independent hosts
CPU Offloading for Shipping Operations
app uninstall
Peer-to-peer direct communication acceleration
Hardware offload for NVGRE, VXLAN, and GENEVE encapsulated traffic
End-to-end QoS and congestion control
Hardware-based I/O virtualization
Compliant with Rohes standards
ODCC compatible
Various form factors available
High-performance boards for applications requiring high bandwidth, low latency, and high message rates
Industry-leading throughput and latency for Web 2.0, cloud and big data applications
Intelligent interconnection of GPU-based computing and storage platforms
Cutting-edge performance in virtual overlay networks
Efficient I/O consolidation reduces data center cost and complexity
Virtualization Acceleration
power efficiency

Intelligent network offload to improve network bandwidth
Network offload is to transfer IP fragmentation, TCP fragmentation, reassembly, checksum verification and other operations performed in the kernel network protocol stack to the network card hardware; thereby improving server performance and reducing overall power consumption, thereby reducing system-level performance. Total cost of ownership; enables server processors to perform real revenue-generating tasks, increasing effective network bandwidth and throughput.

Widely compatible with various operating systems
After testing, the MCX4121A-XCAT network card can support all mainstream operating systems on the market, such as Windows, RHEL/CentOS, Vmware, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.

Widely compatible with mainstream devices
After testing, the MCX4121A-XCAT network card can support all mainstream devices on the market, such as Dell, HPE, Supermicro, Cisco servers, etc.

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