Inodoro Sanitary Ware Water Closet Siphonic Flush One Piece Toilet wc Ceramic Toilet Floor Mounted bathroom toilet bowl set (1600561908048)

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Price:$45.00 - $48.00
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Product Overview


We are not only ceramic manufacturers, but also quality testing experts
1. What do we produce?
We specialize in the production of one-piece toilet, two-piece toilet, smart toilet, art basin.

2. Why did you choose us?
we are a ceramic toilet manufacturer,no price difference in the middle, mass production, timely guaranteed production.
We have a professional quality inspection team and our own testing standards to ensure quality first.
we have the development ability, according to your product requirements for research and development, production, testing, customized for you.
we can provide e-commerce services to help you win the market.
We have a global transportation special line, which can provide logistics to the door transportation services

How to get a better price?
a.Clarify the purpose of the products you buy
▶ If you purchase for sales, you can tell us about your target market, purchase quantity, quality standard, cost budget, we will
give you professional advice to save cost, provide satisfactory service and quality goods, click Chat now or Send inquiry, send 1,customize belong to your advantage products

▶ If you buy for your house, confirm the style, provide us your quantity demand, delivery address, price budget, we will find affordable transportation costs and complete product quotation for you, also confirm the delivery time and estimated arrival time, click Chat now or Send inquiry, send 2, save your time and concerns

▶ If you do not know the product, and it is not clear whether this product is suitable for you, click Chat now or Send inquiry, send 3, a professional team to answer your questions.

Product type
One Piece Toilet
Model Number
Floor Mounted
S-trap 300/400 mm
PP cover+Water fitting+Toilet gasket
5-layer Carton+1.5 cm honeycomb (Full contianer)
Delivery Time

With slow down PP cover seat, one press to replace.
smooth surface with special design, nice looking.

The service that we can offer
1. Want to know our quality standards?
Click Chat now or Send inquiry, send 4 to get our exclusive detection standard for Yilong.

2. Want to know how to buy a genuine product?
Click Chat now or Send inquiry, send 5 to get our order process.

3. Want to know what discount products are available right now?
Click Chat now or Send inquiry, send 6 to recommend more style options for you.

4. Not understand the product, worry about buying a bad product?
Click Chat now or Send inquiry, send 7, free learning product knowledge, only for you to solve your doubts.

5. Worried about the product price is too expensive?
Click Chat now or Send inquiry, send 8, we quote for you, convenient for you to compare, more affordable price to buy the desired products.

6. I want to do my own e-commerce platform, but I don't know what to do?
Click Chat now or Send inquiry, send 9, we provide product material, to create a special store for you.

▲Confirm these option before ordering
1、Confirm the position of drain outlet. S-trap or P-trap?
2、Confirm the distance from wall to drain outlet.
3、Confirm the installation, floor mounted or wall mounted?
4、Confirm the type of toilet. One piece toilet or two piece toilet?
5、Water parts. Standard or Brand water fitting?
6、Flush Button. Dual flush or single flush? Top flush or Side flush?
7、Toilet gasket. Each toilet will come with gasket.
8、Seat cover. PP slowdown cover or UF slowdown cover?

Delivery method
● DHL or Fedex is recommended for sample order.
● Please confirm product you need, port of destination or place of delivery, we will check the real-time freight cost asap.

One piece toilet package
● Sample package is Carton+honeycomb+wooden box
● Full container shipments are packed in standard export cartons.

Two piece toilet package
● Water tank and toilet bowl are packed separately, water parts are not installed.
● Full container can be packed with pallet or stacked directly, bulk goods are packed with pallet.


Q: What products are produced in your company?
A:Our main products are ceramic sanitary ware, such as one piece toilet, two piece toilet, smart toilet and art basin.
We have designated the cooperation of high-quality suppliers, consult us to get the catalog, more styles for you to choose.

Q:What is your advantage?
1. Flexible order quantity, accept sample trial order
2. Professional and technical personnel and quality control team.
3. The perfect after-sales service system to serve you at any time.
4. Simplify the procurement process, help customers to solve the logistics and transportation difficulties

Q:How do I choose the right product for me?
A:Products in different countries have different installation methods, as well as differences in the use habits of people,Welcome to consult us, we will recommend products for you according to your needs.

Q: Do your company accept customization?
A: We accept OEM and ODM; We can print logos on products or packages, we also customize products in different color and pattern. If you need to design a proprietary style, welcome to consult us

Q: What is your standard packaging?
A: Bulk goods using 7-layer carton and honeycomb board, whole pallet or whole container of goods packaging is standard export 5-layer carton, if you have special packaging requirements, please consult customer service

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